4 Cheap brown down comforters

4 Cheap brown down comforters

Brown comforters come with the rich and saturated color of chocolate, bringing stylishness to your bedroom. The market features numerous affordable options for you to choose among. Both down and down-alternative comforters are available in brown. You can pick the option of preference depending on your needs and budget.

Chocolate-Colored Feather Down Comforter


When it comes to cheap down comforters, this one is difficult to beat. The Sweet Jojo Designs Chocolate-Colored Feather Down Comforter is characterized by 550 fill power and the company’s hypo-fresh down sterilization process. The process doesn’t interfere with the insulating qualities of down while making the material hypo-allergenic.

The comforter comes with a special cover that keeps the down and feathers from slipping out from the inside. There are 14 compartmentalized sewn boxes that distribute the down evenly and keep it in place even after the comforter gets washed.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include 233 thread count of the cover, corded edging for more durability and sizes suitable for use on queen and king-sized beds. The composition of the filling is 95 percent white goose feathers and five percent goose down.

NTBAY Multi-Color Down Comforter


Brown is just one of the colors that the down comforter is available in. You can also choose among a wide array of other colors like black, white, blue, purple, grey and red.

The NTBAY Multi-Color Down Comforter is affordable and properly sized for king and queen beds. The box stitching design keeps the filling from shifting and gathering in one end of the comforter during cleaning.

The best aspect of the comforter is that different warmth levels are available. You can choose one option or the other depending on the local climate and the season during which the comforter is going to be used.

NTBAY Multi-Color Down Comforter has a cover made of durable polyester. This comforter is machine-washable, giving you added convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

C&W Luxurious All Season Comforter Reversible Down Duvet


If you are looking for a luxurious down comforter that’s still available at a relatively affordable price, this one is perfect for you. C&W Luxurious All Season Comforter is a bit more expensive than the other entries in the list but it comes with a few nice additional characteristics.

The composition is 30 percent goose down and 70 percent feathers. This composition makes the comforter suitable for year-round use.

Both king and queen sizes are available.

The comforter comes with a leak-proof cover that keeps the down and feathers inside. With a thread count of 230, the cover is very soft and silky to the touch. In addition, the construction is box-stitched from end to end. It ensures the proper distribution of the filling and keeps it from gathering in the bottom of the comforter.

This is a reversible comforter. On one side, it’s brown in color. The underside is khaki. Choose one option or the other to enhance the ambiance in the bedroom.

Snowman Coffee Goose Down Comforter


Snowman Coffee Goose Down Comforter is another luxurious and cost-efficient pick for the people that want to bring sophistication in their bedroom. Available in king, queen and twin sizes, the comforter comes in a rich and saturated coffee brown color.

The cover is 100 percent made of cotton, adding to the breathability of the natural filling. The goose down filling provides medium warmth, which makes the comforter suitable for year-round use. The fill weight is 55 ounces, which results in a really fluffy and soft bedding item.

Just like the other entries in the list, this one comes with box-stitching design that prevents the filling from gathering in one part of the comforter. Piped edging is used for added durability of the design.

Snowman is a company that has its own farms and down or feather processing facilities. As a result, the company can guarantee the quality of its products because it has control over the entire process. The down feather washing and sterilization lines that Snowman relies on make the company’s products suitable for use by people that suffer from allergies.

The comforter comes in a non-woven handle bag that’s an excellent option for transportation and storage.