5 Simple Facts About down pillows Explained

5 Simple Facts About down pillows Explained

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Down is one of the softest and most amazing filling for pillows. It provides just enough support while also feeling fluffy and heaven-like.

While these facts are undeniable, there could be a lot more that you’d like to learn about down pillows prior to making a purchase. The following list contains five interesting facts about the filling, its characteristics and the benefits that it brings to the table.

Down and Feathers aren’t the Same

When choosing a pillow or any other type of bedding, some people commit the mistake of thinking that down and feathers are the same material.

Down is the soft under-plumage of birds. As such, it’s a lot finer and fluffier than feathers. It also has insulating qualities, enabling the plumage to keep the bird warm during the coldest of winter days.

Because of these characteristics, down is one of the best filling materials to look for in pillows and bedding. The quality is superior to the one of feathers. Down shifts around effortlessly, following the curves of the head and the neck. At the same time, it does provide enough support to result in good night’s sleep.

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Very Long-Lived

While down pillows are more expensive than the ones that come with a synthetic filling, there’s a reason for choosing the costlier product.

Down is a much more long-lived material than synthetic fiber. With proper care, a down pillow will remain in an excellent condition for approximately 20 years. The filling isn’t going to lose its fluffiness and lightness. Thus, spending a bit more on the purchase in the very beginning will result in a higher return on investment over the years.

Allergies? No Reason to Worry

Many down alternative pillows are advertised as hypoallergenic and suitable for use by even the most severe allergy sufferers. This is the reason why some people have come to assume that down is an allergy-causing material.

This isn’t really the case.

Down and feathers themselves aren’t potent allergens. The number of people who experience allergic reactions after contact with goose down and feathers is very small.

A problem could arise from the fact that the filling is breathable and it shifts around. As a result, it may potentially harbor dust mites. Choosing the right cover for the down pillow and washing it frequently is the best way to eliminate the risk.

Care and Washing

Maintaining a down pillow in an excellent condition isn’t such a challenging task. For best results, you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These should be presented clearly on the product label.

Some down pillows are machine washable. All that you’ll have to do is add a couple of washing cycles to the end of the program. This way, you’ll make sure that the filling is free from a detergent.

Don’t use a spin cycle on down. Allow the pillow to air dry or use a drier on a low heat setting. This way, you’ll prevent the filling from clumping together and losing some of its softness.

If you’re not using a down pillow at the moment, it’s best to store the item in a breathable bag made from a material like cotton. Plastic will trap moisture inside, which will increase the risk of mildew formation in the filling.

Choosing a Pillow on the Basis of Your Sleeping Position

Choosing a down pillow is all about your sleeping position. The same rule holds true for any other material that you may be interested in.

Down pillows come in a variety of thicknesses and filling densities. If you’re a stomach sleeper, for example, you’ll benefit from a thinner down pillow. The material compresses easily, which means there will be no strain on your neck and shoulders. To restore the pillow’s original shape, you’ll simply have to fluff it up in the morning.

A combination of down and feathers is better for back and side sleepers. The feathers offer some additional support, reducing the risk of stiffness or pain in the morning.

If you don’t know which option is the right one for you, opt for an adjustable pillow. This is a down pillow that features a zipper, enabling you to take some of the filling out. This way, you can experiment with the amount and leave just enough in the pillow to feel comfy during the night.