Bamboo Blankets: Our Top Six Picks & Reviews

Bamboo Blankets: Our Top Six Picks & Reviews

Bamboo blankets are the perfect addition to any bed. They help regulate your temperature, are antimicrobial and are incredibly soft. Check out our top six favorite bamboo blankets! 
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Bamboo blankets are the perfect addition to any bed. They help regulate your temperature, are antimicrobial and are incredibly soft. Check out our top six favorite bamboo blankets! 


Bamboo blankets are one of the most innovative products to hit the market. This type of blanket is designed to offer warmth while also preventing excessive heat from remaining under the blanket.

This breathable fabric lets air escape, offering the perfect sleeping temperature all year long.

Benefits of Bamboo Blankets

It is for these reasons that many parents choose to use bamboo blankets for their children. Of course, their many benefits often lead to the parents also purchasing bamboo blankets for themselves. 

Bamboo blankets are not just used to combat cold weather while ensuring the user does not get too toasty, there are several other benefits as well.

First of all, bamboo blankets absorbs moisture, preventing uncomfortable sweat stickiness under the blanket during warm temperatures.


Even with its moisture-absorbing properties, this type of blanket is not one that needs cleaning after every single use. The fabric is naturally antibacterial, eliminating microscopic organisms that release odors into the air giving your room and unbearable funk.


Although bamboo fabric is used to make pillow cases and bed sheets, bamboo blankets remain the top-selling type of bamboo-made product in the bedroom.

Top Six Bamboo Blankets

In this article, we are going to quickly talk about five of our favorite bamboo blankets and what make each of them so great. 


1. Orgone Energy Bamboo Blanket


bamboo blanket


This blanket made the number one spot on our list for a reason! Not only do these bamboo blankets offer all of the amazing qualities of bamboo blankets such as moisture absorbing, temperature regulating and antimicrobial properties, there is a twist! 

Orgone Energy Bamboo Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create and bring into being a powerful Negative Ion resonance used for energy healing or Orgone Therapy, making them the best in natural sleep aids.

If this sounds a little out there, let us explain. Electromagnetic frequencies are emitted by many of the technological advances that we enjoy every day. These can be items such as your cellphone, WiFi, smartwatch, smartmeter, fridge and microwave. 

Unfortunately, many people experience negative mental and physical health effects from EMFs, such as irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. 

Orgone Energy Bamboo Blankets  produce ions to neutralize EMFs and combat these physical and mental health symptoms. Essentially, these blankets have all of the benefits of bamboo, but may also be able to help you sleep better. 


2. Fishers Finery Bamboo Blanket

Fishers Finery Bamboo Blanket

The Fishers Finery Bamboo blanket is not only a show stopper, but it is also very easy to take care of! 

Fishers Finery has produced a 100% bamboo viscose blanket that demands attention with its beautiful range of colors and satin border.

This super-lightweight bamboo blanket can be used throughout the year. During the winter, it will retain heat under the blanket while during the summer air easily escapes through the breathable fabric.

Fishers Finery gives its customers a selection of six different colors to choose from: dusk blue, red, navy, chocolate, gray, and sand. There are also two sizes available – twin size and queen size – for determining how much space and how many people you want to keep warm and toasty under the covers.

Cleaning this bamboo blanket is not as meticulous as other bamboo blankets on the market. First, it is machine washable, though you should only use cold water when washing and rinsing this piece of blanket beauty. All washing instructions are included to help customers extend the life of their lovable bamboo blanket.


3. Marcini Bamboo Fiber Cotton Throw Blanket

Marcini Bamboo Fiber Cotton Throw Blanket

This beautiful blanket not only has all the benefits of bamboo, but it is also a show stopper. These soft blankets are the perfect addition to any decor and its wide range of colors means that they will fit in with any decor. 

There is no doubt that Marcini’s bamboo-cotton throw blanket is one of high quality. The ratio of rayon from bamboo and soft cotton is 80-20, giving it its natural antimicrobial properties while also delivering supreme lushness and comfort.


This lightweight throw blanket has a super-silky texture that tantalizes your skin while also being delicate to those with common skin conditions. The dual tone and knotted fringe design of the Marcini is something that many people will fall in love with on first sight.


This beautiful bamboo throw blanket is suitable for people of any age and size. It will definitely become an integral part of your lazing-on-a-Sunday-afternoon routine of reading a book or watching TV.

Cleaning this blanket should only be done by hand since even the most delicate settings of a washing machine can ruin the fabric and destroy the antibacterial properties.


4. Bluestar Natural Bamboo Throw Blanket

Bluestar Natural Bamboo Throw Blanket


The Bluestar bamboo blanket is an amazing blanket for use by babies and young children. Even adults find this blanket to be extremely comfortable to use when laying down on a coach or bed.

The bamboo used to make this blanket is all natural to ensure true coziness at all times. The bamboo is also hypoallergenic so parents will not need to worry about the effects it will have on their loved ones.


Bluestar’s collection of bamboo throw blankets come is an assortment of different colors – yellow, purple, pink, blue, and green – to fit in with any child's decor.


When washing this throw blanket, do not use detergents or bleach since it can ruin the natural antibacterial properties of the bamboo. Instead, give it a quick tumble on your machine’s most delicate setting. Doing so will protect the throw blanket from premature ripping and give it use for many, many years.


5. Golden Ocean Home Décor

Golden Ocean Home Décor

If high quality and toasty comfort are your biggest priorities when choosing a blanket, then look no further than the Golden Ocean Home Décor.

Bamboo fiber is among some of the softest fabrics ever used to produce blankets, pillowcases, and bed sheets, and this blanket is definitely proof of that. In fact, the bamboo fiber used to make this blanket is indistinguishable from pure silk in terms of touch and feel.

Not only is this blanket soft, warm, and breathable, but it is also naturally imbued with antimicrobial properties that eliminate bacteria, preventing a stale or foul smell that is bound to happen with common cotton and polyester blankets. People suffering from allergies or have skin conditions can breathe a sigh of relief if they go with the Golden Ocean Home Décor bamboo blanket.


6. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

Last but not least is one of our most favorite bamboo blankets ever: YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket.

Thanks to the bamboo fiber used to make this blanket, even during the scorching summer you will hardly notice a change in temperature with and without this blanket on you.

The fibers enhance ventilation, practically guaranteeing supreme comfort when using this blanket during any time of the year.

Furthermore, the bamboo fibers in this blanket prevent bacteria and mold from growing, so if you’re a heavy sweater, this blanket will not punish you for it.

If you ultimately decide to purchase this bamboo blanket, make sure that you choose the model in accordance to your body weight. For example, a 15-pound blanket can cover people of up to 150 pounds heavy, whereas the 20-pound blanket is designed to be used by people weigh around 200 pounds.

Our Favorite Bamboo Blanket 

Between the sixmodels, it is very difficult to determine which of them can be a blanket solution for everyone (Ha!).

If you prefer easy washing, perhaps you should avoid blankets with meticulous washing procedures such as the Marcini. If you’re looking for a wide range of colors, Bluestar and Fishers Finery could make excellent choices for you to pick from.

However both the Orgone Energy and YnM Cooling Blanket offer extra features that just can't be ignored. 

Overall, we feel that you will experience complete satisfaction with whichever bamboo blanket on our list that you decide to go with.


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