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Best Black Bamboo Sheets

Although black is not the most popular color for sheets, it has its advantages. It is one of the more subtle sexy colors, which means people who choose the darker shades generally expect or have a more active sex life. The black bamboo sheets can balance out a beautiful floral quilt and add depth to your bedroom style. They are also perfect for a more masculine look and pair well with leather and wood. Black bamboo sheets are timeless, elegant, and easy to combine with countless interior styles and bedding sets.



At the same time, black is the color of a dreary night, so it can help you sleep. In fact, the Chinese and Egyptians have been using color therapy to treat various diseases for years. And studies have shown how they can affect your mind, bring stability, and help with sleep disorders, stress, depression, and more.



Yet many find that waking up in too much darkness can have the opposite effect of what they want, leaving them unable to get up in the morning and be active. If you’re a morning person and don’t feel like it impedes your early morning commute, black can be a great background that goes with any color decor and also negates any concerns about discoloration or staining.

Keep reading to learn more about our top pick and what to look for when shopping for the best black bamboo sheets.

When Choosing Black Sheets, Consider All the Pros and Cons
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Bedding selection is an important and responsible process. Recently, sets of dark colors have been particularly popular in the textile market. They look great in the interior of different styles and at the same time look stylish and expensive.

Before choosing bed sheets of this or that color, it is worth getting acquainted in more detail with their features. Very often, buyers are afraid that a palette of dark shades will look gloomy and uninteresting. But this fact is false. Because the dark bedding goes wonderfully with the contrasting colors of the furniture and walls. Thanks to this, it’s possible to decorate a bedroom in any style.

Pros of Bedding in Black Colors
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Dark-toned bedding does not wear out as quickly as light-colored options. Dirt and smudges are less visible on it. It retains its original appearance longer and doesn’t fade when washed with other colors. Such a kit is indispensable for large families and owners of 4-legged pets. If the bed sheet has become lighter over time, it can be dyed. For this, it’s worth using special means. It is somewhat easier to maintain such a kit than light options.

Dark Colors Promote Relaxation

Because darker colors reflect less light, they are less energetic and appear more refreshing and relaxing. It’s a must-have for bedrooms as the dark contrast to the rest of the house will help you relax and sleep. But it’s important to remember to use them carefully. Otherwise, its effect on the human psyche will be reversed. Therefore, with the haughty use of black shades in the room's interior, you can accidentally create a depressing atmosphere.

Allows Highlighting Accents

Using dark colors allows you to draw attention to certain elements of the interior. It will add elegance and sophistication to the room. In bedrooms decorated in pastel colors, a black bed sheet becomes an accent detail. This color scheme makes the interior elegant and chic.

Looks Good on Most Styles

Dark bedding tones suit almost any bedroom style. It can be safely used inside the bedroom, both for a male and a female. And this solution is also suitable for couples because dark colors create a romantic atmosphere. The best black bamboo sheets will look good in the following styles: hi-tech, Scandinavian, modern, minimalist, and loft.

Perfect for a Minimalist Setting

If you’re aiming for a sleek, minimalist look or just prefer less furniture clutter, the best black bamboo sheet is the way to go. Dark bedding requires minimal decoration and can still make your room look complete. Or if your home has modern decor, dark bedding will work just fine.


Darker tones in your bedroom, including your bedding, can give you the visual effect of more space. It is ideal for small spaces and can enhance your overall space. So, the claim that darker sheets make your room look dull is false.

Romantic Atmosphere

Black or other rich, dark bedding flatters a dark bedroom and creates a great mood. Darker colors can not only be uplifting but can also be very effective in boosting your confidence.

Less Maintenance

Darker colors highlight spots or stains lesser. The best black bamboo sheets can give your rooms a fresher and newer look at any time. Since less furniture is also required, you need even less effort to maintain the entire space.

Drawbacks of Bedding in Black Colors
black color bamboo bed sheet

Dark Tones Absorb Light

Designers recommend abandoning this bedding if the room is on the north side or is decorated in dark colors. Such a combination of colors creates an uncomfortable mood and contributes to the creation of a tense and oppressive atmosphere. Also, this combination allows you to visually reduce the space in the bedroom.

The Dark Tones Are Fade-Prone

Dark bedding does not tolerate sunlight. This can burn out your sheets. Therefore, if the bedroom is on the sunny side, you should consider placing the sheets away from the window. This will allow the bedding lasts much longer.

Such Bedding Can Fade and Be Stained

Without a doubt, each bedding has its own nuances of care, noting that you can keep the original look for a long time. However, if a low-quality dye was used in the manufacture, the bedding will fade when washed. In this case, it’s quite difficult to remove the stain. Besides staining when washed, such a bedding set will stain other items with prolonged contact. For instance, human skin or a mattress. And that, in turn, can trigger allergies. Therefore, when shopping for the best black bamboo sheets, consider all the pros and cons of this choice.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Black Bamboo Sheets
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Buying the best black bamboo sheets is not as easy as it seems. There are many things to consider before buying. In this guide, we cover some of the most important considerations when purchasing this product. Here are some points to help you choose the right product:

Thread Count

A key feature of bed sheets is thread count (the number of vertical and horizontal threads found in a square inch of fabric). The best black bamboo sheets usually have a thread count of about 250 to 350 for maximum breathability and durability.

Contrary to popular belief, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean better quality. A thread count above 350 probably means multiple layers have been used, which means the material tends to pill and tear more easily.


All bamboo sheets can come from the same source, but different production processes produce various types of black bamboo sheets.

It’s quite common to see black bamboo sheets labeled as 100% viscose (or rayon) made from bamboo. This means that the sheets are a viscose fabric derived from bamboo (other viscose fabrics can come from cotton or other plants).

There are also Lyocell (Tencel) black bamboo sheets which are made using more eco-friendly processes and chemicals.

Also, there is black bamboo linen, which isn’t as soft as its other counterparts. It is treated in the same way as cotton linen and is susceptible to wrinkles.

Bamboo/cotton blends are also available, so be sure to read the package label carefully to ensure you are buying 100% black bamboo sheets.


Like cotton, bamboo fibers can be woven in different ways, which affects the final feel and performance of the sheets. Of the three bamboo fabrics (twill, sateen, or percale), sateen is the most popular.

Bamboo sateen is made using a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over technique. This exposes more threads on the surface, giving it a higher thread count and bonded structure, promoting a subtle sheen and silky feel.

Twill has a distinctive diagonal twill or rib line, similar to the pattern seen in denim. Although bamboo twill is not as soft as sateen, it is still much softer than cotton and blended fabrics. Bamboo twill has fewer threads, but its sturdy construction doesn’t come apart as easily and stays soft longer.

Bamboo percale is a simple one-under, one-over weave, not a common bamboo fiber weave. It offers a lighter weight with a crisper feel and great durability.

If the softness of the fabric is your primary concern, opt for the sateen weave. Beige bamboo sheets made from sateen weaves provide unparalleled softness and have a beautiful sheen unique to sateen weaves. Another advantage of sateen weaves is that they shrink less than twill weaves.


Sheets are not one size fits all, even on beds of the same size. Before buying new black bamboo sheets, measure the depth of your mattress to make sure the elastic on the sheets is tucked under the edge of the bed. People with thick mattresses can usually use sheets that are at least 16 inches deep. Keep in mind that mattress toppers also add a few inches, so keep that extra space in mind.


You should also consider how much money you’re willing to spend on black bamboo sheets. You can find great options in all price ranges, but some cost more than expected, while others may not perform as well.

What are The Best Black Sheets?
black stripe bamboo bed sheets in a good quality bed sheet

For a black bamboo bed sheet to be among the best on the market, it must perform well in all relevant categories. For black bamboo sheets to earn their place among the best, they must offer excellent value for money, exceed expectations, and be backed by positive customer reviews.

Dream in comfort with Bamboo Bed’s Black Bamboo Sheets set. This complete bedding set offers incredible value for money with comfortable, high-quality materials made from 100% viscose made from bamboo, resulting in buttery soft, refreshing, wrinkle-free sheets that give you the best night’s sleep imaginable.

Welcome to the magic of bamboo. Whether it is a frigid winter or a hot summer night, the magic of these sheets is that they can keep you warm or cool, depending on the environment. This is due to the bamboo fibers in the sheets, which have the unique ability to adjust to your body temperature. No need to change your sheets for every season, we have got you covered.

Bamboo Bed is synonymous with beautiful bedding. This black bedding set is wriemory foam mattress topper. Did you know that bamboo is an incredibly durable fabric? Bamboo uses 66% less water to grow than cotton, which means you can rest easy with our Black Bamboo Sheets set.

Soft and Lightweight

This ultra-soft bedding material is made from 100% viscose made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric naturally wicks moisture away for an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep. Bamboo fabrics work with your body to adapt to changes in temperature when needed, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Bamboo Bed Black Bamboo Sheets will always feel clean and fresh. These sheets are naturally wrinkle-resistant because bamboo is naturally absorbent and its fibers are odor resistant.

Deep Pocket

The 16" deep pocket fitted sheet is fully elasticated and easily fits over extra thick mattresses up to 18" or a mattress with a foam topper. No more remaking and fussing – this sheet stays in place and fits perfectly on your mattress!

Easy To Care for and Environmentally Friendly

All Bamboo Bed black bamboo sheets are environmentally certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Bamboo is remarkably eco-friendly compared to cotton (as it uses 66 percent less water to grow) and maintains its quality and softness wash after wash, making these sheets strong, durable, and incredibly valuable. It is machine washable in cold water.

What’s the Best Cleaning Method to Wash Black Bamboo Sheets?
best quality black bed sheet in a luxurious bed room with decoration.

Although bamboo sheets are considered to be quite durable, you’ll want yours to stay in good condition by taking proper care of them. Always follow the specific care instructions for your sheet set.

Most bamboo sheets can be machine washed and dried more often than not. But black bamboo sheets should be washed in cold water and on a short cycle to preserve the color. Also, there are mild detergents made specifically for dark fabrics that might be a good idea to add to your shopping list. Using a combination of mild detergent and cold water will keep your black bamboo sheets colored brightly for a long time.

To reduce wrinkles, it’s best to remove the sheets as soon as they’ve been through the dryer and place them directly on the bed. You should also consider getting a good mattress protector for several reasons.

Shop The Best Black Sheets from Bamboo Bed

People appreciate these dark, bold colors in their bedrooms for all the right reasons. Dark bedding doesn’t make your bedroom look boring, it enhances it. For those who have generally avoided darker colors in their bedroom, it’s time to give these stylish colors a try.

Whatever your budget, you can find a comfortable sheet set to fit your lifestyle. If you pick the right set, they will last and be worth every penny. And if you want to buy the best black bamboo sheets on the market, Bamboo Bed is the place to go. We have a wide range of bamboo bed sheets in different colors and styles, so you’re sure to find something you love. Check out our full range of bamboo bed sheets at Bamboo Bed today.