The 5 Best Elephant Pillow Reviews for Your Baby to Snuggle in 2018

The 5 Best Elephant Pillow Reviews for Your Baby to Snuggle in 2018

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The 5 Best Elephant Pillow Reviews for Your Baby to Snuggle in 2018

Plush elephant toys are the new teddy bears. Their emergence in the recent past has seen an explosion in popularity of these cute, large-eared dolls. They have found their ways onto the beds of numerous children across the world for their large size and cuddliness. Pictures of toddlers sleeping with these giant dolls have taken social media by storm so it is safe to say that both parents and their sleepy children love these bedtime guardians.

Elephant pillows are giant stuffed dolls that are designed to soothe children in the crib. These toys are not exactly pillows but rather plush toys that can help children develop social skills from a young age. Knowing this, it would not be a bad idea to give your little bundle of joy a friend to play and snuggle with all day long.

Best Elephant Pillows for Your Baby to Snuggle With

1.Tinky Trunky Big Soft Elephant Plush Toy

Tinky Trunky Big Soft Elephant Plush Toy

This elephant doll from Tinky Trunky is a popular choice among parents for its numerous features and by children for its fluffiness. This toy is a great choice as a snuggle buddy during the nighttime. The manufacturer recommends this toy be used by children over two years of age. This plush elephant is designed to calm your toddler when crawling and walking on baby mats and for bedtime cuddling. It is a snuggly, comfortable toy that young children will enjoy playing with for many years. The doll measures about 24 x 18 inches and is completely machine wash safe. The outer coating is made to withstand your child’s teething and biting phases and is easy to take around in car rides or visits to the park. This elephant plush toy is made without use of glues or other dangerous adhesives, though some parents found the stitching job to be somewhat shoddy.

2.Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy

Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy

This gargantuan 65-centimeter (a little over 25 inches) elephant doll is certified by both the FDA and CE, making it the only doll on this list that follows such meticulous regulations on this list. It is made with the softest, most luscious polypropylene cotton that is extremely smooth to the touch. Its large size in combination with the more-than-fluffy feel of the doll’s exterior makes this a lovable toy by both parents and children over a year old. Best of all, the doll is made of hypoallergenic materials to ensure that your child will not have a sneezing bout or rash when handling the plush elephant. Although the fabric is not made to be eaten, parents do not need to worry about the inevitable munching on the elephant’s ears, nose, and feet since it is made of technically edible materials. The only thing to watch out for is the doll’s tail which can become a choking hazard.

3.MorisMos Elephant Stuffed Plush Toy

MorisMos Elephant Stuffed Plush Toy

The MorisMos-made elephant plush toy is another favorite among toddlers. This plush doll measures in at around 25 inches tall and is made of polypropylene that will not trigger any allergic reaction in your loved ones. All parts of this elephant are handmade, stitched together flawlessly, and is safe for children to gnaw on when the urge hits them. Although gray is the traditional color for a stuffed elephant, you and your child can choose from three other colors – pink, yellow, and blue. Taking care of this doll is easy for both you and your child. As the elephant’s exterior fluffiness gets coated in food and saliva, simply drop the doll in a washing machine and let the elephant bask in the sun until dry. One issue that many people have with this toy is the packaging – the doll is vacuum packed which makes it easier to ship but harder to re-fluff back to perfection upon opening.

4.Grifil Zero Elephant Plush Toy

Grifil Zero Elephant Plush Toy

Grifil Zero is another manufacturer that got into the elephant pillow-making game while the pickings are still good. Their dolls are manufactured in the USA, ensuring an adherence to high quality and materials standards. Their elephant plush toy is the perfect choice for babies and young children looking for the plushest, most cushiony doll to snuggle. From nose to tail, this elephant measures in at 24 inches long. Handling the toy requires no special instructions – just put it in your little one’s crib and let them get acquainted. When its grey fuzz begins to stain or discolor, give it a tumble in your washing machine and let it sun-dry like a raisin until it is dry as a bone. The only problem we found is the toy’s tag which is found on its bottom near the tail. The attached label comes off easily and could potentially become a choking hazard.

5.LOVOUS Big Stuffed Elephant Doll

 LOVOUS Big Stuffed Elephant Doll

The LOVOUS stuffed elephant is something for everyone to love. It could become the perfect addition for the corner of your child’s crib and even be used as a pillow for when the Sandman comes to pay a visit. This doll, like the others, is recommended for cuddling by children of at least 12 months of age. It is stuffed with polypropylene cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics that are soft to the touch and easy on the gums and newly formed teeth. The doll can be dropped and left to tumble in a washing machine, although the producer recommends going at it by hand. The doll, when ordered online, comes in a vacuum-tight wrap that cuts down shipping costs but may prevent its fluffiness from ever restoring back to its original state.

Our Pick

When it comes to stuffed elephant doll-pillow combinations, there is hardly a wrong choice. Of course, there are certain factors to consider, especially effects of vacuum packing and removable parts that can potentially lead to choking. However, at the end of the day, if you’re looking for the fluffiest, plushest, funniest, most suitable elephant doll for your 1-year-old, we highly recommend getting the Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy which is the only choice on this list that is certified by both the FDA and CE. In the most extreme cases of teething babies looking for the nearest doll to tear their baby teeth into, you can rest assured that the edible fabric and stuffing of the Cartoon elephant will not wreak havoc on your bundle of joy’s little tummy.