Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Hungarian Down Comforter Review

Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Hungarian Down Comforter Review

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supremium medium weight hungarian down comforter

The line between economy and luxury comforters is defined by subtle differences in material quality and construction.  The comforter I will be reviewing today is a medium grade luxury down comforter.

Supremium is made by "Warm Things", a goose down bedding manufacturer that has supported American craftsmanship for over 38 years.  While most brands of down comforters are made overseas in places like China and India, Supremium down comforters are actually made here in the USA from their facilities in the Bay Area in Northern California.

What I Like About Warm Things' Supremium Hungarian Down Comforter

As a higher end down comforter, I have a lot of expectations for this product.  Warm Things comforters come in several quality grades with the highest being the Supremium grade.  Supremium comforters are made with Hungarian goose down rather than regular down.  Hungarian down are superior to down from geese that live in warmer weather due to a larger feather size.  Thus it is a better insulator and has a lighter and plusher feel compared to regular down.

supremium baffle box comforter review

This medium weight comforter contains 700 fill power Hungarian goose down and due to the quality of the feathers, the Supremium comforter feels much warmer than I expected.  I find most medium weight comforters just right for mildly chilly nights but I often have to change to an extra warmth comforter when the really cold winter weather arrives.  Yet I found this medium weight comforter to be more than warm enough.  In fact I felt too hot with this comforter which is a welcome difference in subzero weather!

The fabric cover is 100% cotton with a 390 thread count.  While this is not the highest thread count I have seen in comforters of this grade, the fabric is tightly woven and does a good job of keeping loose feathers from coming out.

Square baffle boxes 8" wide keep the feathers in place and prevents shifting, clumps, and bare spots.

What I Don't Like

Due to the Hungarian goose down used to fill this comforter, it is extremely warm and toasty. Anybody who has a higher body temperature will probably end up hot and sweaty with this down duvet.  If this description fits you then you will be better off with a lighter year round comforter such as this Pacific Coast classic weight goose down comforter.

However if you are deathly afraid of the cold and often have cold feet then you will absolutely love the Supremium comforter!

Plus it seems like this comforter runs a bit smaller than the dimensions in the product description.  I called the manufacturers and apparently the sizes given are made from the dimensions of the fabric before it is filled with the down feathers.  Now of course once the comforter is stuffed full of goose feathers its measurements will end up smaller than if it were laid out flat!  This problem is easily taken care of if you get the next size up.  For example, if you have a queen size bed then you should get the king size comforter instead.

Where To Get The Best Price On This Supremium Medium Weight Comforter

You can get the best price on this Supremium medium weight comforter at Amazon.com. The price ranges from the 200s to the 300s for twin, queen, or king sized comforters.

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