What is a Down Comforter?

What is a Down Comforter?

What is a down comforter? It's only the one upgrade that can turn your bed into a dream. 


It’s time to upgrade and freshen up your bedroom! As exciting as this endeavor is going to be, it will also come with uncertainties.

Which products are right for you? What are the differences between the multiple bedding options on the market?

Manufacturers will try to convince you that their items are what you’re looking for but you have to go beyond the marketing hype.

Down comforters have been popular for many years. Learning a bit more about the filling and its characteristics will help you decide whether you want this type of comforter for your home.

What is a Down Comforter?


what is a down comforter


Down is the very soft and fluffy under-plumage that geese and ducks have. It’s essential for keeping the birds warm and this is why down has excellent insulating qualities.

As the name indicates, a down comforter is a type of bedding that uses down as its primary filling. This type of comforter can be made entirely of down or it can feature a down and feather mix.

Down comforters has a high fill power or loft in comparison to feathers. The fill power refers to the size of the fill clusters. Because of the high fill powder, the comforter remains lightweight while it is fluffy and warm.

The comforters also have a cover that can be made of cotton, polyester or a blend of fabrics. The purpose of the cover is to keep the comforter soft while preventing the filling from getting out.



Down Comforter

The History of Down Comforters

Down has been used ever since prehistoric times because of its ability to keep our predecessors warm. Goose down comforters are a modern favorite, but they have always been a popular choice.

Writer Thomas Nugent is the person credited for writing the first account about the use of a goose down comforter in 1749. Goose down became much more demanded in the 1900s because the material was considered superior to duck feathers. People recognized the fact that goose down was a lot softer, lighter and fluffier.

Ever since, manufacturers have been experimenting with the design of their goose down comforters, creating an array of products for different uses.

The fill power differs, making some down comforters suitable for use during the summer and some types of bedding particularly good for people living in harsh climates.

Benefits and Characteristics of Goose Down



Choosing goose down as the material of preference for your down comforter will give you an opportunity to enjoy an array of important benefits.

As already mentioned, goose down has excellent insulation qualities without being a heavy material.


The comforter remains lightweight and fluffy while fighting the most intense winter cold.


Breathability is another very important characteristic.


When down is combined with a cover made of a breathable material like cotton, it can breathe and wick moisture away from the body.


As a result, goose down comforters can be used during the summer without causing the sleeping person to overheat.


Many Options to Find the Perfect Goose Down Comforter


There’s a wide array of options to choose among. The amount of filling and the goose feather to goose down ratio will be determining for the insulating qualities and the price of the comforter.


It’s possible to find high quality down comforters at an affordable price, even if you are looking for the top options that the market has to offer.


Finally, down comforters are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Some of the products can be washed in a front-loading laundry machine.

They can also be dried in a drying machine at low heat. Every manufacturer is required to provide detailed care and cleaning instructions, enabling the owner of the comforter to extend its lifespan.


When properly cleaned, down comforters can be used for years and years without losing their fluffiness or insulating qualities.


Should You Buy a Goose Down Comforter?

Goose down comforters are wonderful products and there are millions of happy owners across the globe. It’s really up to you to decide whether you’d like to purchase this type of bedding.

Understand the fact that goose down comforters aren’t created equal. You have to compare products side by side and assess the reputation of manufacturers. By doing your homework in advance, you’ll be completely satisfied with the purchase.

Turn Your Bed into a Dream

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