best quality bamboo sheets twin xl in a luxurious bed room.

Best Bamboo Sheets Twin XL

Executing the perfect college dorm room can be a daunting and expensive task. However, there are some simple things you can do to make your space feel like home without breaking the bank. One of our favorite tips? Incorporate bamboo sheets into your bedding setup! Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they’re also soft, durable, and stylish. In this post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about finding the best bamboo sheets twin XL for your dorm room. Trust us - your future self will thank you!

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Bamboo Sheets Twin XL

Premium quality bamboo sheets twin xl over the luxurious bed

If you are looking for a super soft twin XL bamboo sheet set, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have compiled a list of all the factors you should consider before deciding if bamboo sheets are right for your twin XL bed. The key to finding the best bamboo sheets Twin XL is to pay close attention to weave type, material, and thread count.

Twin XL Bamboo Sheet Size

Twin XL beds are 5 inches longer than twin-size beds (38 by 80 inches). As a result, Twin XL bamboo sheets are a bit longer as well. Twin XL fitted bamboo sheets are 38 x 80 inches or 2.5 cm longer and wider (to accommodate your mattress topper). Since flat sheets and duvet covers are often much larger than your mattress, some manufacturers produce their Twin XL and twin-size sheets with the same measurements. The size of the twin beds (and the size of the sheet) is essential for a dorm room, as it offers plenty of space to sleep but also leaves space to study and socialize in a small room.

Types of Bamboo Sheets

Many people share the misconception that bamboo fabrics are made entirely from bamboo. To clarify, the fabric is derived from bamboo cellulose, a substance that forms the structure of plant cell walls. Cellulose is found in other plants and vegetables as well.

Bamboo cellulose is extracted and treated with various chemicals, including lye (or sodium hydroxide) and carbon disulfide, to create the actual fabric. Therefore, the phrase “bamboo fabric” can be deceptive, and some retailers misrepresent these materials as “100% natural” or “organic.”

Bamboo can be transformed into textiles mechanically or chemically. During the mechanical process, bamboo leaves as well as other plant materials are obtained and ground to separate the cellulose from the other components. The cellulose is then spun into a fine thread that is woven into fabric.

During the chemical process, the cellulose is treated with chemicals that soften the cellulose fibers. The substance is then ground and made into fine threads that are woven into fabric.

Bamboo cellulose can be used to make various types of textiles, including:

Rayon Made from Bamboo

The most common version of this material used in rayon is viscose made from bamboo. Rayon is a synthetic fabric made from the cellulose of bamboo and other plants. To produce rayon, cellulose is softened with sodium hydroxide and dissolved in carbon disulfide. The resulting material is silky-soft, breathable, and light. Since rayon is a synthetic fabric, the term “rayon made from bamboo” is considered more accurate than “bamboo fabric.

Viscose Made from Bamboo

The material may also be called “viscose made from bamboo“. Rayon and viscose are essentially synonymous terms; “rayon” is more commonly used in North America, while “viscose” is the preferred term in Europe. For this reason, some bedding manufacturers use “viscose” and “rayon” interchangeably. Viscose made from bamboo is luxuriously soft, silky, and highly breathable.

Lyocell Made from Bamboo

Besides viscose/rayon, the material known as lyocell can also be made from bamboo cellulose. Technically, lyocell is a type of rayon. The process of making lyocell is very similar to that of standard rayon, but with one major difference: the cellulose is dissolved with an organic compound called N-Methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMO for short). No bleach is used making the material more environmentally friendly, although technically it is also a synthetic material that requires chemical means to process. Lyocell made from bamboo sheets is not as common as its viscose or rayon counterparts.

Modal Made from Bamboo

Modal is like viscose, with the addition of the manufacturing step of stretching the fabric. The result is a thinner, lighter, and even stronger fabric. But while the modal fabric is great for activewear and other heavily worn items, it is too thin for bedding.

Linen Made from Bamboo

Linen made from bamboo has also appeared in recent years, although these products are quite rare and expensive because processing linen bedding from bamboo is a labor-intensive process. Bamboo linen is manufactured from the long fibers of the plant in the same way as flax linen or cotton sheets. The final product wrinkles easily and is slightly rough. The naturally thicker yarns are crisp to the touch and require regular ironing for a clean, smooth finish, making this material an easy-care fabric for sheets and better for clothing.

Bamboo Blends

There are also bamboo blends. The most popular combination is cotton and bamboo. Although these blends create a stronger fabric, they are not as soft or sustainable as pure bamboo sheets.

Bamboo viscose is the most common type of bamboo bedding. Choosing a composition that is 100% from a trusted brand like Bamboo Bed will ensure you get good quality sheets. The second best material would be 100% bamboo lyocell. Although not as durable or soft as viscose, lyocell is a great environmentally friendly option.


The weave of a fabric contributes to the look and feel of the fabric. Of the three bamboo fabric weaves (twill, satin, or percale), sateen is the most popular.

Bamboo sateen is manufactured using a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over technique. This tends to expose more threads on the surface, giving it a close-knit structure and higher thread count, thus promoting a subtle sheen and silky feel.

Twill has a distinctive diagonal rib line, similar to the pattern usually seen on denim. Although bamboo twill is not as soft as sateen, it is still much softer than cotton and blended fabrics. Bamboo twill has fewer threads, but its sturdy construction does not come apart as easily and stays soft longer.

Bamboo percale is a simple one-over-one-under weave, not common for bamboo fiber. It offers a lighter weight with a sharper feel and excellent durability.

If the fabric’s softness is your primary concern, opt for sateen weaves. Bamboo bed sheets made from sateen weaves provide unparalleled softness and have a beautiful sheen unique to sateen weaves. Another advantage of sateen weaves is that they shrink less than twill weaves.

Thread Count

A notable feature of bed sheets is thread count (the number of vertical and horizontal threads found in a square inch of fabric). The best bamboo sheets twin XL usually has a thread count of around 250 to 350 for maximum breathability and durability.

Contrary to popular belief, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean higher quality. A thread count above 350 probably means multiple layers have been used, which means the fabric tends to tear and pill more easily.

Available Colors

It is always good to have color options and while most twin XL bamboo sheets come in standard white, cream, and off-white, you can also find them in a variety of colors, from stone grays to spa-like blues and browns.


Although bamboo sheets are considered to be quite durable, you’ll want yours to stay in good condition by taking proper care of them. Always follow the specific care instructions for your sheet set. Most bamboo sheets can be machine-washed and dried. Generally, wash on low cold or warm setting as well as low tumble dry.

To reduce wrinkles, it’s best to remove the sheets as soon as they’ve been through the dryer and place them directly on the bed. Also, you should consider getting a good mattress protector for several reasons.

Best Twin XL Bamboo Sheets

Best quality twin xl bamboo sheets in a luxurious bedroom with great decor

The silky-smooth Twin XL sheets set from Bamboo Bed are the best twin XL bamboo sheets on the market. The sheets are made from 100% viscose made from bamboo for a luxurious feel that’s hard to find in a dorm bed. Often, college mattresses are lumpy, thin, and uncomfortable. But once you cover your Twin XL bed with our bamboo sheet set, you can enjoy a soft, blissful feeling that could help you sleep better in college. Our sheet sets are made from high-quality bamboo fabric, making them the most breathable sheets for college students.

The porous composition of viscose made from bamboo fibers makes the fabric more breathable and thermo-regulating than other fabrics. Their breathability and temperature-regulating properties make them great sheets for hot sleepers or students attending college in a warmer climate. Relax on these clean and smooth sheets. The pores are perfect for those with sensitive skin and will keep you dry and cool as the fabric is moisture wicking. These sheets are odor resistant and antibacterial. Cool off while you sleep in your Twin XL bed with our lightweight Twin XL bamboo sheets.

And it’s not just the buttery-soft texture of these sheets that will improve your college’s quality of sleep. Our twin XL bamboo sheet set covers every inch of your Twin XL bed for a stylish look that easily pairs with any comforter. And for true designer bedroom décor, pair this Twin XL sheet set with the matching Bamboo Comforter - Twin XL for the perfect look.

This high-quality bed sheet set is a must-have for any college student. The bamboo fitted sheet is Twin XL measurements with deep pockets to hold your mattress and your Twin XL mattress topper. A real, extra-long fitted sheet offers enough protection to make you feel really comfortable in your dorm bed. A standard bamboo pillowcase completes this full sheet set, so your entire bed is covered with deluxe twin XL bamboo bedding.

If you’ve never tried a Twin XL bamboo sheet set, Bamboo Bed silky Twin XL sheets are sure to exceed your expectations! Naturally cooling and with a softer feel than cotton, every student can sleep better naturally with these breathable bamboo sheets in Twin XL. With this stylish twin XL sheet set, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve chosen a great dorm sheet set.

The Bamboo Bed Difference!

premium quality bamboo bed with a great view from the window

Buttery Soft Sleep

Old conventional cotton sheets are a thing of the past! Have you ever noticed that you sleep better on vacation? Well, we are the reason why: treat yourself to our hotel-quality Twin XL bamboo sheets and catch up on the sleep you didn’t know you missed. If you sleep better, you feel better.

Say Goodbye to Smelly Sheets

The breathable and thermoregulating properties of our bamboo viscose fabric help airflow and wick away excess body heat to ensure a cooler night’s sleep every time. The moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties of our sheets will ensure your sheets stay cleaner for longer. It helps ward off common non-living allergens so you can enjoy better skin and wake up refreshed every morning.

Universal Fit

The universal-fit design is stitched with deep pockets and a full-length, extra-thick elastic band that provides a smooth, secure fit on the mattress. Our fitted bamboo sheets have a mattress depth of 16 inches, deeper than standard sheets! 360-degree cinched around the fitted sheet opening, with elasticized corner ties for added security. It is easy to put on, doesn’t slip, and leaves you feeling crisp and clean every night. The combination of a deep pocket design with a full-length elastic band ensures a smooth and secure fit on your Twin XL mattress.

No More Headaches

Our Twin XL bamboo sheets are stain, wrinkle, and pill resistant and easy to care for!

How to Care for Twin XL Bamboo Sheets

Twin xl bamboo sheets used with great care that helps it to remain as new

Taking care of your Twin XL bamboo sheets can preserve their longevity. Our bamboo sheets with sateen weave are made with durability in mind. However, if you follow these guidelines for washing and drying bamboo sheets, you can add many years to their lifespan.

Wash Before Use

First, it is recommended to wash the bamboo sheets before using them for the first time. New bamboo sheets shrink after the first wash, so you’ll have an advantage if your sheets have been made extra long to accommodate this.

When first washed, it is normal for new sheets to release lint accumulated during the manufacturing process. You will have far less lint on subsequent washes.

Wash and Dry with Low Heat Settings

Using low heat settings is best for your Twin XL bamboo sheets. The next thing to know about cleaning bamboo sheets is that they should be washed and dried on low to medium heat. Avoid washing in cold or hot water. Instead, you want lukewarm water at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

However, you can only use a warmer temperature for the first wash to allow the bamboo viscose sheets to shrink initially. When you tumble dry bamboo bedding, you should also use a low heat setting.

Use the Gentle Cycle if You Plan to Machine Wash or Tumble Dry Your Sheets

Proper care for your bamboo sheets includes not only setting the heat to low but also selecting the gentle cycle for both the washer and dryer. A tumble dry low during machine drying can help you avoid abrasions that can wear down the bamboo fabric over time.

Wash Your Bamboo Sheets Separately from Other Laundry

Also, proper care for your Twin XL bamboo sheets means they need to be washed separately from all of your clothing. Rigid items like hooks, zippers, and loops from your other laundry can snag and tear your bamboo bed sheets. Also, rough fabrics like denim can cause abrasions on bamboo viscose sheets.

Wash with a Mild Detergent

Which detergent is best for Twin XL bamboo sheets? Bamboo sheets should be washed with a mild liquid detergent. Some cleaning solutions we recommend include Mrs. Meyers, Ecos, Woolite, Kirkland Ultra Clean, ECover, or Seventh Generation. Baby shampoo is also one of the viable detergents to wash your bamboo bedding set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Two Twin XL Mattresses on A King Size Frame?

The simple answer is yes. 2 Twin XL beds give the dimensions of a king-size bed. This is a common strategy for sleep partners who have very different firmness or feel preferences. Joining two mattresses into a single frame is also a good option for sleepers who plan to use an adjustable frame. Separate mattresses allow the sleeper to sit or lie down without disturbing their partner. If you choose to have two Twin XL mattresses on a King frame, you can choose to use a single King size bamboo sheet set or individual Twin XL bamboo bedding sets.

Does A Twin XL Bamboo Sheet Fit in A Full Frame?

A Twin XL generally has a dimension of approximately 68 inches by 90 inches to accommodate the twin-size bed. However, the full bed is much wider at 54 inches wide than the twin sheets at 38 inches wide. Consequently, your twin-size sheets may be long enough for a full frame, but sadly not wide enough for the bed.

Furthermore, a Twin XL bed is also 2-4 or even over 5 inches longer than a full-size bed, depending on the brand, so it may be too long. Of course, a small difference in length versus width discussed above will cause little trouble.

Not to mention that when choosing a sheet size, you also have to take into account the thickness of the corresponding mattress size. 9" to 18" thick is typical for most models you’ll find on the market.

Generally, if your mattress is thicker, you should increase the size and opt for an option with a deep pocket to cover the bed fully. Similarly, for a thinner 6–8-inch mattress with a flat sheet, a smaller comforter is the answer to keep it from sagging on the floor.

Are Twin XL Bamboo Sheets the Same as Full-Size Sheets?

A twin XL size should fit a 38" x 80" mattress, while the full-size sheet should fit a 54" x 75" mattress. Thus, a twin XL bamboo sheet is significantly narrower than a full-size one.

Consider this: a Twin XL is best suited for taller solo sleepers over 6-7 feet. However, it’s only 3,040 square inches, making it much narrower compared to a 4,050-square-inch full-size mattress. with extra space. It is more suitable for tighter spaces like tight budgets and college dormitories.

The narrower width makes a twin XL bed work well with a single bed, but it’s not a good option if you want to share a bed. Conversely, a full mattress is usually more expensive and suitable for a shared bed, but may be too short for taller sleepers. As long as your budget is tight, a twin XL is probably the best alternative for a full-size bed, but don’t expect it to match your full-size mattress.

Shop Premium Bamboo Sheets Twin XL

A good night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being, so it’s important to make sure we have the best possible sheets. The best bamboo sheets Twin XL are a splendid choice as they’re soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. If you’re looking for the best twin XL bamboo sheets, Bamboo Bed has a wide range of high-quality options to choose from.

We offer a wide range of high-quality bamboo bed sheets at the most competitive prices on the market. Our team spends hours researching and testing different products so that we can offer our customers the very best possible experience. So why not take a look today and see what takes your fancy? You might just find the perfect set of sheets to ensure sweet dreams every night!