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The Best Places To Buy Goose Down Comforters Online

Here are the stores that I have had a wonderful experience with in my search for the perfect down comforter. From price to quality to customer service, each one of these companies stood out in some way and fully deserve to be listed on this page.

→Pacific Coast - American manufacturer with the right balance between quality, price, and selection.  All materials and work done in the USA.

→Amazon.com - Wide selection of brands and often with discounts of 50% and up!  The no questions asked returns and exchange policy is priceless.

→Wayfair.com - Lots of 600+ fill power comforters.  Also has over-sized comforters such as California king sized which are difficult to find.

What Are My Favorite Down Comforters?

If you want to cut straight to the nitty gritty, here are the 6 best down comforters I've found.

I've picked these comforters because not only do you get both quality and value.

Most of these brands also provide a generous returns policy and warranty protection for your comforter.

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Compare Popular Comforters & Check Current Prices

Name Brand Rating(5 is the best) Warmth Country of Origin Allergy Safe? True Baffle Boxes? Retailers
Embrace™ Comforter Embrace 4.5 Year-round (60F-70F) Made in USA Yes No Check Prices
Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter Down Comforters 4.4 Summer Made in USA (Covering made in China) Yes Yes Check Prices
Light Weight Comforter Pacific Coast 4.7 Summer Made in USA Yes Yes (Levels 3 and 4 only) Check Prices
Luxury White Goose Down Comforter Pacific Coast 4.3 Year-round (60F-70F) Made in USA Yes Yes Check Prices
SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter SuperLoft 4.1 Year-round Made in China Yes Yes Check Prices