Marketers add all sorts of fancy terms like "premium blended white goose down" and "extra fine triple quilt stitched" to sell their comforters. Fancy terms with no meaning at all confuse buyers into thinking they're getting quality at a bargain.  No wonder everybody's so confused when they shop for a down comforter.

Most of the readers of this site first came here asking questions like "Which comforter should I buy?" or "What's the best goose down comforter?" or "What's the best brand of down comforter?".

Well today I'm going to break it all down for you.

Learn How To Shop For A Good Down Comforter

There's only 5 main points you need to keep in mind when you look for a down comforter.

  1. Location/Source of materials - North American or European sourced goose down is better than Chinese goose down.
  2. Purity of the down filling - Avoid down and duck feather blends if possible. 100% pure goose down is best.
  3. Thread count of the comforter - A higher thread count means a smoother feel and tightly woven threads.  Feathers will be less likely to poke through.
  4. Craftsmanship/Construction Quality - Real baffle box construction keeps down in place.  Quilted stitching leads to clumps of down after a couple of months.
  5. Fill Power - A higher number means more warmth and fluffiness for a given amount of down.  A good rule of thumb is look for 600+ fill power for warmer winter comforters and lower fill powers for summer or "all season" comforters.

What Materials Make The Best Quality Goose Down Comforters

swan feather

Many bargain goose down comforters are filled with pure down although the down will probably come from China.  Chinese down tends to include broken pieces and may not be cleansed to hypoallergenic standards.  Eventually you'll have to deal with clumps in your comforter, down leaking out, and allergies from dust mites.

However, the best goose down comforters are those filled with European or American down.  The supply quality and manufacturing process is better due to government regulations and stricter standards.  There's less problems with leftover debris, broken feathers, and most important for allergy sufferers is the down is better cleansed to remove allergens.

How Are White Goose Down Comforters Different From Down And Feather Blend Comforters?

Some manufacturers use regular feathers because they are cheaper than down.  However feathers are not as good at keeping you warm and are not as light and fluffy as down.  Feathers can also poke through comforter covers and scratch your skin.

Is A Higher Thread Count Better?

Higher thread counts mean a finer tighter woven fabric that feels soft and smooth.  Your comforter will be more durable and less likely to get holes and you'll have less problems with feathers escaping from inside your comforter.

Why Baffle Boxes Are Really Important

Goose down tends to travel to one side inside a comforter.  The best way to keep it all in place is to trap the down inside compartments with baffle boxes inside the comforter.

Baffles are basically walls of fabric that split the inside of your comforter into separate rooms.  Baffles allow your down comforter to expand and get fluffy  and at the same time prevent the down from shifting from side to side.

So What Should You Look For If You Want To Buy The Best Quality Goose Down Comforter?

To sum it all up, here's what you should look for to get the top goose down comforter for your money:

  1. Thread count of at least 230
  2. 100% goose down feathers inside
  3. Authentic baffle box construction
  4. The right fill power - 500+ for winter comforters, anything else is okay for year-round or summer comforters

What Are The Best Goose Down Comforter Brands?

Several manufacturers have a track record of high quality materials, durable craftsmanship,and reasonable pricing.  My favorites include Pinzon's Pyrenees line and most comforters from Pacific Coast. While I haven't tried out every single product from these companies, I have bought a couple of their comforters and I am impressed with the quality of their comforters so far.