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Customer Reviews

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Morgan Shantz

I've had my bamboo comforter for a few months now and I couldn't be happier with it. It's incredibly soft and comfortable, and the bamboo fabric is so breathable that I never feel too hot or too cold. It's also very lightweight, yet warm, so it's perfect for year-round use. I would definitely recommend this comforter to anyone looking for a high-quality, breathable bedding option!

Kasandra Siljanouski
Great for my Grandson

Purchased these for my grandson that couldn’t find a blanket he loved, he’s now on cloud nine LOVES HIS NEW blanket !

Alex Drummond
Great for Teens

I bought this blanket for my son who has trouble with his skin. This blanket smells better and keeps his skin cleaner than anything else I have tried. 100% recommend.

Monica Hopper
Great Service

My blanket arrived quickly and I love it.

P. McCulloch
Better than Expected

Since I have been using this blanket I haven't woken up once because I am too hot or too cold. I'm sleeping better than I have in years!

Wrap yourself in the ultimate comfort with the best bamboo comforter. 


Imagine enveloping yourself in a buttery soft comforter that will naturally stay cleaner, keep you at the perfect temperature, and be gentle on your sensitive skin. 

Our luxury comforter offers the perfect balance of warmth and breathability all wrapped up in buttery soft 100% organic bamboo

Unlike most of the ‘bamboo comforters’ on the market, our premium bamboo comforter is not only made with 100% organic bamboo shell but is also filled with 100% organic bamboo. 

This unique premium combination is truly what sets our comforter above the rest. 


Investing in Your Sleep is an Investment in Your Health

You spend about a third of your life in bed, so why not invest in the best and most comfortable option? 


A superior night’s sleep can have a direct impact on your physical and mental health. 


A lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, and infections. 

Poor sleep can also affect your career.


Sleep helps maintain cognitive skills, such as attention, learning, and memory. In addition, bad-quality sleep can make it much more difficult to cope with even relatively minor stressors. 

A lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on your mental health as well.


Issues with sleep can contribute to both the onset and worsening of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 

While there are obvious benefits to your mental and physical health, there are many other great reasons to upgrade your bedding to bamboo. 


What is the Best Material for Comforters? 

There is a reason why so many people are ditching traditional cotton bedding in favor of bamboo and it isn’t only because they are so darn soft. 

Amazingly Soft: Bamboo is an incredible blend of silky softness and durability 

Naturally Hypoallergenic: Perfect for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. 

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial: Our bedding stays cleaner and smells better than cotton-it is also great for those who suffer from acne. 


Made with Fewer Chemicals: Bamboo's manufacturing process requires fewer chemicals than traditional textiles and reuses water for multiple batches.

Thermoregulated with Moisture Wicking:  Bamboo bedding helps to regulate your body temperature. It feels cool to the touch and absorbs moisture to help you stay asleep all night long. 

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is a sustainable, fast-growing plant that requires less land and produces more oxygen per hectare than hardwood.  



  • Made with the highest quality organic bamboo
  • 300TC 100% bamboo sateen weave shell
  • Our Bamboo comforters are filled with 100% organic bamboo
  • Packed in an eco-friendly fabric bag

Twin Bamboo Filled Comforter                             68"x90" 38oz

Queen Bamboo Filled Comforter                         90"x90" 49oz

King Bamboo Filled Comforter                            106"x90" 59oz

California King Bamboo Filled Comforter            106"x90" 59oz


The Bamboo Bed Difference

At The Bamboo Bed, we believe in creating quality, organic bamboo bedding products that promote sustainability and improve physical and mental health through better sleep. 

Our company strives to reduce its carbon footprint. We are on a mission to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Instead of traditional plastic packaging, we use fabric bags for our bamboo bedding. 

In addition, we plant a tree for every order we receive as our gift to you and the planet. 


What Happens After I Order? 

Once you order you will get a confirmation email with a tracking number. All of our quality bedding products are shipped directly from our warehouse located in New York, USA. 



What are the Best Bamboo Comforters Made of?

Unlike many inferior bamboo comforters, our bamboo comforters are made with a 100% organic bamboo shell and are filled with 100% organic bamboo. 

Our bamboo comforters are made with 100% bamboo viscose which is incredibly soft to the touch, naturally hypoallergenic, and thermoregulating. 

In addition, our comforters offer top-tier moisture-wicking properties and resist odor and bacteria. Our comforters' outer shell features a sateen weave which is buttery soft and cool to the touch.

How to Clean a Bamboo Comforter

An investment in a bamboo comforter is an investment in better sleep. Protecting your investment with proper care is an easy way to help your comforter last for many years. 

All of our The Bamboo Bed products come with a set of care instructions. Following these instructions will help ensure that your bamboo bedding products have great longevity. 




Is a Bamboo Comforter Cooling? 

Bamboo is considered a cooling fabric because it is thermoregulating. This is possible because of the structure of the bamboo fiber. Bamboo filaments are filled with microscopic holes and gaps which make the fabric extremely breathable and regulate body temperature. 

While bamboo comforters are thermoregulating, they are also moisture-wicking. This makes bamboo comforters an ideal option for hot sleepers and those who suffer from hot flashes at night. 

Bamboo keeps you comfortable, dry and clean so you can stay asleep all night and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Bamboo Quilt vs. Down Comforter

With more and more eco-conscious consumers entering the market, we have seen a swift switch from materials made with animal by-products such as down and silk to more eco-friendly textiles such as bamboo. 

Environmental Impact

Bamboo may be the primary food source for pandas, but it is organically farmed and raised for textiles. This means pandas are not losing their habitat in the process. In addition, bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world with some varieties growing up to a meter a day. 

In addition, bamboo does not require replanting or cause soil erosion as bamboo stalks are cut at the base and regrown year after year. Bamboo can also be grown in dense forests requiring less land and generates 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees per hectare. 

In comparison, down-filled duvets are unfortunately filled with down from fowl-whether it is goose or duck-which is a negative impact on our ecosystem. 


The outer shell of down-filled duvets can vary, from 100% cotton to a mix of cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Cotton has been a longtime standard in the bedding industry for good reason. Cotton is breathable, relatively inexpensive, and great for those with sensitive skin. 

Bamboo fabric is firstly known for its incredible softness. This is because of the shape of the bamboo itself. Long and round, bamboo fibers have fewer splits and ends which translates into a durable, long-lasting fabric that is also incredibly soft. 

As bamboo is so soft to the touch it is a great option for those with sensitive skin. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it a great option for those with allergies. 

Comforters filled with bamboo are lightweight with a similar feel to down. Bamboo also protects against bacteria and dust mites and is resistant to mildew. 


Bamboo is thermoregulating and cool to the touch. Bamboo can keep you about three degrees cooler than down, which makes it a great option for hot sleepers or those who suffer from hot flashes. 

While a breathable fabric, bamboo also has the ability to trap body heat making it a great option for chilly nights as well. 

Down can be customized to suit your needs and climate. The fill weight determines the warmth of your duvet and you can choose as light or as heavy as needed for your area of the world.