8 Startups Making Sleep High Tech

8 Startups Making Sleep High Tech

The sleep industry knows the importance of rest on your overall health. They are constantly seeking innovative solutions.  Start-ups are exploding with revolutionary ideas bold enough to put any large corporations to shame.  Even better, many of the concepts embrace high-tech originality.  Here are some cool start-ups making sleep high tech.

The sleep industry knows the importance of rest on your overall health. They are constantly seeking innovative solutions.  Start-ups are exploding with revolutionary ideas bold enough to put any large corporations to shame.  Even better, many of the concepts embrace high-tech originality.  Here are some cool start-ups making sleep high tech.


1. Rythm



The French startup Rythm, is promising a tech-infused headset said to improve sleep quality.

The prototype called ‘Dreem’ will be released to the public early next year. This savvy headset uses audio to stimulate a part of the brain to lengthen deep sleep cycles.


Many restorative functions occur during the deepest cycles of sleep, but those cycles get shorter as the night progresses.




The company first talked with a biotech investor named Laurent Alexandre. Alexandre is a long time supporter of neuroscience and technology and helped the ‘Dreem’ concept launch.

The other big supporter is Xavier Niel, founder of Kima Ventures and 1000 Start-Ups.  His interest is in a high-tech sleep aid that could grow to incorporate other applications as well.

Their goal is to not only create an impressive sleep-improvement gadget, but become the largest neuro-technology company in the world.

2. Koala


Koala mattress

In a national slumber survey done by IKEA, it was revealed that only one in ten feel rested and relaxed.


Most people stated they experienced constant tossing and turning, feelings of exhaustion in the morning and many sleepless nights.


Over 70 percent of people claimed they were sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses. Mattresses are the critical key to the quality of sleep a person gets.

Koala, based out of Australia wants to change this with a new state of the art mattress and a four-hour turnaround online experience. 


According to Koala, they have engineered a highly innovative mattress using technology and high-quality materials to produce a mattress which is defined comfortable by all users.


They do not use traditional memory foam or latex, but a comfort layer called K-4 which cannot be found anywhere on the market. K-4 provides a perfect distribution of body weight on the mattress and is referred to as zero-disturbance technology.

This product is purported to provide a perfect night’s sleep every time.

3. Sleeping Duck



The strict competition of Koala is a Melbourne Startup Company called Sleeping Duck, which launched in 2014.

While the business model between them is nearly identical, the product varies in the sense Sleeping Duck uses bamboo plus both latex and traditional memory foam.

The company has already reaped high revenues for their version of ‘zero disturbances’ technology, making Koala work harder to push their concept. Sleeping Duck saw over a $1million in revenue in their first year of business.

4. The Cloud



Out of the brilliant mind of Richard Clarkson is a magical high-tech sleep aid resembling childhood sleep at its best.

“The Cloud” is a micro-controlled, motion-triggered lightning and thunder interactive lamp. It also contains a music-activated and visualization capability. The idea is to completely mimic the look, feel, and sounds of a soothing rainstorm.


The embedded motion sensors inspire awe with unique performances of lightning and thunder in a powerful Bluetooth system.


The Cloud is so adaptable it streams music via any Bluetooth compatible device as well as performing any desired colors, lighting or brightness.

Enter Oscar de la Hera, a creative code technologist who improved The Cloud’s capabilities to react to voice and ambient sounds such as other Smart Clouds. The big takeaway on this concept is how it will soothe the bedroom environment to encourage better sleep in adults and children.

It wasn’t so long ago the Himalayan Salt Lamp emerged on the scene with an abundance of benefits. Quality of sleep is improved by adding one of these lamps in the bedroom through natural ion generators to affect the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, thereby improving air quality for a better night’s sleep.

5. Dreambed

Mattress Startups are bursting with each touting a product better than the next. The ‘bed-in-a-box’ concept is becoming extremely popular among consumers who want to buy online. The ‘Dreambed’ design touts easy delivery and set-up at a low price, making it an attractive option for consumers. It is so appealing, even actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in the company only to see the company haul in over $100 million in revenue recently.

Even though the ‘bed-in-a-box’ has been around since 2006, the younger startups are appealing to the millennial generation with slick marketing and the savvy of social media fused together with a warm-and-fuzzy approach.

6. Misfit


Welcome to the world of wearables with the new product “Misfit”. This is one in a line of many wearables to tout fitness and sleep in new ways.

There is also the Shine wearable, the Beddit sleep monitor and smart alarm, the Bolt smart light bulb, and the Flash fitness and sleep monitor.

All of these promising gadgets are designed to monitor your sleep and track your life fitness.

7. Kokoon



The Kokoon in-ear sleep headphones were launched in late 2016 to the public. These headphones are specifically designed to improve sleep quality.

There are mixed reviews on Kokoon Technology after the headphones failed to offer comfort and reliability. However, engineers for the EEG headphones redesigned them and with follow-up testing, have promised to put out a quality product guaranteed to aid in better sleep.

Kokoon integrates EEG brainwave sensors with a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless aptX codec to analyze sleep patterns. The headphones also include a huge audio relaxation library and a patent pending FlexMould, cool comfort system. The technology embraces a triple layer noises protection of ANC, Isolation and Active White Noise.


8. Geoclense by Orgone Energy



The Geoclense by Orgone Energy neutralizes potential harmful electromagnetic frequencies and radiaiont (EMF and EMR)  produced by technology. Common causes of these are everyday items such as your microwave, fridge, smartphone, smartwatch, and WiFi. 

These items release positive ions which can cause sleep disturbances as well as other mental and physical ailments such as headaches, dizziness, anxiety, and memory loss. 

The Geoclense releases negative ions to neutralize the EMF and EMR in your home and help you to sleep deeper. 


How Important is Your Sleep? 


Of course, we all know we feel better after a good night's rest, but are these high tech products even necessary? 

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