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Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets

When it comes to bedding, there are many materials to choose from. But two of the most popular options are bamboo and cotton sheets. The age -old discourse of bamboo vs cotton sheets is an arduous one. Essentially, Egyptian cotton is the conventional material for luxury bedding, and bamboo is known to be the eco-friendly alternative. So, which is better?

Bamboo and cotton sheets have their unique merits in terms of overall comfort, cost to purchase, reputation, and luxury. However, when you consider that the average person spends a third of their life in bed, it makes sense to get all the facts about which sheets are best for you.

So, when it really comes down to the fundamental elements of each item, which option stands out? Read on to learn more about bamboo vs cotton sheets so you can choose the best option for your bed.

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets

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Let’s begin with the basics.

Bamboo sheets are a type of bedding made from the shoots of the organic bamboo plant. Due to the length of bamboo fibers, the long, thin threads allow the fibers to interweave, greatly increasing the “thread count.” Bamboo sheets typically have two distinctive weave patterns: sateen and twill. Due to their organic manufacturing processes and environmental impact, bamboo beddings have recently gained popularity.

Cotton sheets are the conventional bedding that you will find in the homes of your parents, sisters, friends, and grandmothers. Everyone owns a cotton sheet set, as they are the primary material in many bedding textiles. Cotton sheets have been used for a long time by several generations and their quality varies depending on the thread count.


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Bamboo sheets have a luxurious and silky feel that does not slip like silk or satin. The long organic fibers of bamboo plants are naturally light and breathable, making bamboo sheets wonderfully soft to the touch. Bamboo bed sheets retain their silky softness after subsequent wash and do not require additional fabric softeners. When made correctly, bamboo sheets are sometimes compared to and softer than, the highest quality linen and cotton sheets.

The softness of cotton bedding can vary greatly. For Egyptian cotton sheets, the thread count is mostly used to determine the quality and softness of the sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets, particularly those with a higher thread count, are considerably soft and will continue to provide luxurious comfort for years to come. However, low thread count cotton sheets are easily scratchy, worn out, and uncomfortable.

In terms of softness and bamboo vs cotton sheets, quality really matters. Bamboo sheets are believed to be softer or smoother than Egyptian cotton. In our opinion, due to the range of quality of cotton sheets, we believe that bamboo is a better choice.

Environmental Impact

Bamboo is fully regenerative, and sustainable and needs no chemical or human intervention to grow. Generally, bamboo grows quickly with no pesticides or other agricultural chemicals. The bamboo plant has been shown to reduce carbon emissions.

By contrast, the production of cotton sheets is notoriously bad for the environment. Cotton harvesting requires land sacrifices, chemical interventions, and a lot of water. Bamboo is a clear winner in terms of environmental impact for bamboo vs cotton sheets.

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets Costs
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Bamboo bedding isn’t necessarily the cheapest type of bedding. The quality of the production, chemical-free, and harvesting process, means that bamboo sheets are generally pricier than cotton sheets. Cotton bedding can be very cheap or quite expensive for quality sheets. It depends on the cotton’s quality: Egyptian cotton is considerably expensive compared to poor quality, low thread count options.

Bamboo sheets may be pricier initially, but they offer a better long-term investment as they last longer. With bamboo versus cotton sheets, if the initial costs are your primary concern, then cotton sheets win. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, bamboo bed sheets are what you are looking for.

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Cotton bed sheets are remarkably low-maintenance. You can wash and clean them at home with no specific water temperatures or any special detergents. You can run cotton sheets through the machine on any cycle and the dryer if desired.

Bamboo sheets typically require a bit more love. It’s recommended to wash the bamboo sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild, environmentally friendly detergent before hanging them on the clothesline. In terms of bamboo vs cotton bedding, cotton bedding is much easier to care for and has very low maintenance compared to bamboo bedding.

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets Durability

Durability is a very important factor when buying new sheets. Both bamboo and cotton are known for their strong and durable qualities, but which one stands out?

The durability of cotton bedding largely depends on the sheet’s thread count. Cotton fabrics with a low thread count aren’t very durable and will tear and pill. If you want cotton bed sheets that will last long, you should opt for longer threads and higher thread counts that won’t mar immediately.

On the other hand, bamboo offers incredibly durable sheet materials due to the naturally long fibers. Bamboo bed sheets are very durable, less likely to pill or tear than cotton bedding, and can last close to 15 years. In terms of durability for cotton vs bamboo sheets, we are of the opinion that bamboo sheets offer the most dependable, long-lasting, and consistently durable bedding.

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A crucial aspect of the bedding you choose is its impact on your health. Bamboo is inherently moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and hypoallergenic. The hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties of bamboo sheets make them ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin. The moisture-wicking properties also prevent bacteria growth on your bed, preventing unpleasant odors from clinging to the sheets.

In terms of health benefits, cotton sheets are not known to offer any. While Egyptian cotton sheets can be gentle on sensitive skin, cotton doesn’t compare to bamboo sheets when it comes to its health benefits.

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: A Clear Winner

If you are looking for eco-friendly, durable, healthy, and buttery soft sheets, bamboo bed sheets are for you. Although they can be compared to others in terms of texture, the benefits bamboo offers far outweigh all other factors of cotton bedding.

From thermo-regulating properties to health and hygiene factors, bamboo sheets are an investment that is sure to offer lasting value. Check out our full range of bamboo bed sheets at Bamboo Bed today.