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Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

Your baby’s crib sheet is probably one of the most important items in your baby’s room, but it’s often the most overlooked. Babies are generally more sensitive to harmful chemicals than adults. For this reason, it is important to buy organic sheets that are not only comfortable but also safe for your little nugget’s skin and health.

Fortunately, there are many safe crib sheets on the market today that provide your baby with much-needed protection. For parents who want to stick to natural or eco-friendly fibers, the best bamboo crib sheets may be the right choice for you. These sheets can make a baby’s sleeping surface more comfortable while providing a barrier to keep the mattress clean.

Our bamboo crib sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose, which makes them breathable, naturally thermoregulatory, and antibacterial. They are also softer than cotton and get softer with every wash. You will not find a better-quality crib sheet. Additionally, they are so comfortable and soft that your little one will love sleeping on them.

This guide to the best bamboo crib sheets explains what sets them apart, and below we’ll break down what features to look for when shopping to find the best option for your bundle of joy.

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Crib Sheets?

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The right crib sheet is important for your baby’s comfort and safety. Understanding the key factors that differentiate bamboo crib sheets, such as fit, materials, and size, can help you find the best option for your little one.


Since babies have sensitive skin, the feel of the crib sheet can be particularly crucial. Most crib sheet makers know this and therefore take steps to soften their products. However, there are still enormous differences between the fabrics. Some feel ultra soft, while others are supple and smooth.

Luckily, our bamboo crib sheets are inherently soft, making them gentle on sensitive skin. Our fitted sheets are exceptionally soft on your baby’s delicate skin and are made from high-quality bamboo viscose. The buttery-soft fabric on these crib sheets is also naturally breathable, won’t trap heat in your baby’s crib, and wicks away moisture so your baby gets a good night’s sleep.

Easy of Maintenance

The best bamboo crib sheets are generally machine washable. Exact instructions may vary by manufacturer, so be sure to check the care label. Our bamboo crib sheets are easier to care for and clean. Because bamboo is non-absorbent, it resists stains and does not fade over time. And when your baby’s crib sheet gets dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine.

Thread Count

Higher thread count sheets are sometimes touted as more durable or better. However, the link between overall quality and the thread count is rather dubious. Also, some manufacturers use techniques to increase thread count without improving quality. As a general rule of thumb, bamboo crib sheets with at least a 300 thread count should be comfortable and durable enough for most buyers.

Our bamboo crib sheets are made with 300 thread count viscose fabric for a silkier feel that is softer and more durable than 1500 thread count cotton sheets. These sheets get softer with every wash. Generally, 300-thread count bamboo crib sheets are thicker and more resistant to pilling than those with fewer strands.


A breathable sheet allows air to circulate in and out of the crib mattress, minimizing the chance of excessive heat build-up. Parents may prefer a more breathable option as well, as constant airflow through the sheet could be critical if the child’s face were to be obstructed in any way. The best bamboo crib sheets are thermo-regulating to keep your little nugget cool while sleeping, offering comfort in all seasons. The moisture-wicking properties of these crib sheets keep your baby comfortable all year round.


Crib sheets tend to be laundered frequently, which can lead to premature wear. Long-lasting options should stand up to rigorous cleaning, and you can even reuse them if you have more children in the future. However, less durable conventional cotton options can be cheaper, so they could be a good short-term solution.

Machine washable and tumble dry friendly, our amazing bamboo crib sheets are designed to withstand everyday use and are extremely durable. Best of all, they stay exceptionally soft and have vibrant colors that last wash after wash. Check out these amazing fitted crib sheets for a great night’s sleep for your baby.

Safe Materials

The materials used to make a crib sheet can affect its safety, durability, and comfort. Because babies’ health and well-being are vital, many parents prefer options made from natural and/or organic materials. While organic isn’t strictly necessary, for some parents they offer extra reassurance, justifying the slightly higher price tag.

Fabrics derived from bamboo are generally classified as viscose, modal, or lyocell. These fabric materials have a silklike finish that should feel cool, soft, and smooth against the skin of a baby. They also wick away moisture for a drier sleep. Chemicals may be used to manufacture these materials, which can be inconvenient for parents. Our bamboo crib sheets have been tested for more than 100 harmful chemicals so you can be assured they are a safe, eco-friendly, and healthy choice.

Fit and Safety

While parents want their little ones to sleep comfortably, a night of safe sleep is much more important. To that end, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers safe sleep recommendations to help parents keep their children safe. These guidelines suggest babies should sleep on their backs on a firm sleeping surface with fitted sheets, but no other soft or bedding objects (such as stuffed animals) as these can pose a choking hazard.

Fitted sheets are generally safe, but ill-fitting or poorly attached sheets can also pose a choking and/or entanglement hazard. If the fit is not secure and snug, the crib sheet could detach or bunch up. Even a relatively thin fitted sheet could impede a baby’s breathing if this were to happen. To reduce the risk, parents should choose a bamboo crib sheet that matches the size of the crib mattress to ensure a snug fit. You should also monitor the fit and condition of the bamboo crib sheet and replace it if there are signs it will not stay on the mattress.

What are the Best Bamboo Crib Sheets?

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The best bamboo sheets are ethically sourced, hypoallergenic, breathable, antibacterial, and buttery soft Bamboo Bed Bamboo Crib Sheets. These sheets offer a wide range of benefits that create the perfect environment for your baby to rest in. However, there are also a variety of health benefits associated with a suitable set of bamboo crib sheets. Extra fluff and an ill-fitting sheet can be dangerous for your child, so be sure to choose crib sheets that fit well. Here are some benefits of choosing our bamboo crib sheets:

Durability – Nice, regular crib sheets are easy to pick up, but often wear out quickly with washing, no longer fit snugly, and can bunch up under your little one as they move around in the crib. Because safety is paramount, the sheets must fit snugly. The Bamboo Bed Bamboo Crib Sheets are so durable they can last up to 5 years without fading!

Allergy Friendly – The best bamboo sheets create a hostile environment for mold, mildew, and dust mites while creating a comfortable and cozy environment for your little nugget. This is particularly important because babies’ bodies are so new that dust and allergies easily affect them. Children with allergies can have trouble sleeping, which can make them cranky if they are not well-rested. Rashes and sensitive skin are also common in children.

Bacteria Resistant: Babies need a good night’s sleep after a long day of play. Your child has probably been crawling all day and trying to put things in their mouth, possibly bringing bacteria and germs into bed. Fortunately, bamboo does not encourage the growth of bacteria like other textiles, which means it’s the best crib sheet for a baby suffering from eczema. Babies have delicate skin that needs to adapt to the environment, so clean sheets can help prevent the transmission of bacteria and skin irritations.

Breathable – The bodies of babies have a harder time thermo-regulating and can easily overheat or get too cold. Our bamboo crib sheets are temperature-regulating and breathable, so they can help keep your baby cool on hot summer nights and warm on chilly nights. For a peaceful sleep, your baby must have a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Quality – Our Bamboo Crib Sheets are not only luxuriously soft and smooth but stain resistant as well. We know babies can make a mess, and between spit-up and diaper leaks, sheets will require a lot of washing! Cleaning our bamboo crib sheets is easy thanks to the stain-proof properties that block the fibers from absorbing moisture.

Are Bamboo Sheets Breathable for Baby?

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Bamboo sheets are not only breathable
but also cool and comfortable for your baby. The fabric is thermoregulatory so that your baby stays cool while sleeping, regardless of the season. It has moisture-absorbing properties, and since bamboo sheets are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, they are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. In general, the Bamboo Bed bamboo crib sheets can give your baby a blissful and comfortable night’s sleep. They are soft and lush, so bedtime can be dreamy and relaxing.

Wrap Your Precious Little Nugget In Safety And Comfort And Reap The Unspoken Rewards!

Give your baby the best night’s sleep possible with the best bamboo crib sheets. Made from 100% natural, organically grown materials, the hypoallergenic, breathable, antimicrobial, and moisture wicking Bamboo Bed Bamboo Crib Sheets offer your baby an excellent opportunity for a great night’s sleep while giving you the peace of mind that they are safe.

These hypoallergenic, 100% organic, bamboo sheets not only help save time by preventing those pesky problems from arising beforehand but also makes life easier for moms everywhere as they no longer have to worry about dirty mattress protectors.