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Best Bamboo Sheets Cal King

When it comes to finding the perfect sheets for your California King (Cal King) bed, you should look for quality in addition to durability. Since the Cal King is the longest mattress you can find, the sheets you choose for this bed should fit the bill. These sheets should be long, comfortable, and durable. Also, the ability to machine wash these sheets at home is a typical factor that people look for in sheets of this size.

If you prefer eco-friendly sheets, we have found some of the best bamboo sheets Cal King to buy online right now. While the idea of ​​a Cal King might not make much sense, it is a great choice for tall sleepers or couples with a small, cramped master bedroom. With the best California king bamboo sheet, each sleeper still has plenty of room, but the bed does not take up as much space.

Before you buy, we’ve rounded up some of the most common factors to consider before purchasing your new California King bamboo sheets.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Bamboo Sheets Cal King

Before purchasing the best bamboo sheets Cal King, you should consider the following.

Sheet Sizes

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There are several things to consider when buying sheets, but none are as important as choosing the right size. California King sheets are 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. However, they differ in depth, so buyers should keep these mattress measurements in mind to ensure a proper fit and sheets that won’t slide off or pop up. Cal King sheets are generally suitable for mattresses 15-18 inches deep, but there are deep pocket sheets for mattresses 20-21 inches.

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the stronger the fabric. Also, a higher thread count means a softer fabric in most cases. Nonetheless, the type of weave and fiber can also influence the quality of sheets and should be considered when researching your options. When looking at thread count, try to find sheets between 200 and 400. A 300 thread count is considered a perfect balance for bamboo sheets. Hot sleepers will especially appreciate that the 300-thread count bamboo sheets are naturally silky and soft, yet comfortably moisture-wicking and breathable.

Fabric Types

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One thing to keep in mind is that not all bamboo sheets are created equal. When choosing a Cal King bamboo sheet set, it is important to pay attention to the labels and ensure that you receive a product made from 100 percent viscose from bamboo.

Some products use a blend of viscose, derived from bamboo, and secondary yarn like linen, cotton, or even nylon. Any sheet containing less than 100% viscose from bamboo, such as a cotton blend, is likely to be inferior in quality and less comfortable or soft.

Bamboo Bed bamboo sheets are made from 100% bamboo and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they contain no harsh chemicals. These sheets are unique in that they have the ability to regulate temperature, making them ideal for any time of the year. Also, this material wicks away moisture while you sleep, so you can always rest comfortably.


The weave affects the look and feel of a sheet and its overall durability. Sateen sheets are woven with more vertical threads than horizontal. The higher number of vertical threads gives the sheets an ultra-smooth operation. Twill weaves are threads that are woven two above and one below to create a diagonal line down one side of the fabric.

Twill weaves are short and tight, but sateen weaves are longer, giving some bamboo sheets a silky, luxurious feel. Although twill can withstand more washes, a sateen fabric is believed to be at least three times softer than twill.

Depth of Your Mattress

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When buying sheets for your California King bed, pay special attention to the pocket depth of the fitted sheet. The depth of your mattress is the thickness and size of your mattress from top to bottom. This is very important to know when purchasing new sheets, as it may alter the fit of standard sheets. Many large mattresses are deeper, often 16 inches or more, and you will want to make sure your sheets have a pocket that fits that depth comfortably. Otherwise, they may look poorly and fall off the mattress.

What’s the Difference Between a Cal King and a King?

King size white color bed mattress over the big size bed.

There are many misconceptions regarding King vs. California King bamboo sheets. Many people believe that the California King is the largest bamboo sheet option on the market. However, that is not entirely true: Kings and Cal Kings only have different lengths and widths.

A Cal King (72" ​​x 84") is 4-inches longer (head to toe) and 4-inches narrower (side to side) than a King (76" x 80"). A Cal King may be longer and narrower, but a King is wider and has slightly more surface area. Cal Kings are perfect for tall sleepers or those with large but cramped bedrooms.

A standard California King bamboo sheet is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide, and a standard King bamboo sheet is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. The standard King sheet looks more like a square shape, while the Cal King resembles more of a rectangle. The California King is the longest bamboo sheet available to buyers. The King bamboo sheet is four inches wider than the California King, making the King bamboo sheet the widest bed linen available to buyers.

 The California King bamboo sheet has less surface area than a King. The Cal King is 6,048 square inches, while the King bamboo sheet is 6,080 square inches.

Tip: A great way to remember the difference between these two is by name. The state of California is one of the longest states and the Cal King sheet is longer than the King.

When choosing between King or California King bamboo sheets, it is always important to weigh the pros and cons of your choice before making a final decision. The best bamboo sheets Cal King are ideal for tall people and couples or single sleepers. However, anything more than that can make your space feel cramped.


Why is it Called a California King?

There are several stories about the origin of the California King, but it is generally accepted that the California King mattress was made in California in the mid-20th century. They became popular in California and became associated with major celebrity houses in Los Angeles.

What’s Bigger Than A King-Size Mattress?

A California King mattress is longer than a King but less wide. Other oversized mattresses are larger than king-size mattresses, although these are rare and generally impractical for the average household. They include:

  • Texas King (80 inches x 98 inches)
  • Wyoming King (84 inches x 84 inches)
  • Alaskan King (108 inches x 108 inches)

How Much Bigger is a Cal King Bamboo Sheet than a Queen?

A Cal King bamboo sheet is 12 inches wider and four inches longer than a queen mattress.

What’s the Point of a Cal King Bed?

A Cal King is a large, long bed that is generally comfortable for tall people who tend to have feet hanging off the end of the bed. Because California Kings are long beds, they fit well in narrow spaces as well.

Which is Better, a California King or a King?

While a California King bed is more comfortable for tall sleepers and fits better in a long, narrow room, a King bed may be better suited for short, wide rooms and families sharing a bed.

Do Cal King Bamboo Sheets Fit on a King Bed?

A standard King bed is 4 inches shorter and 4 inches wider than a standard Cal King bed. Therefore, Cal King bamboo sheets will not fit on a King bed. California King sheets are too long and not wide enough for a King bed. You need to buy king-size bamboo sheets separately.

Which Bamboo Sheets Cal King are the Best?

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If you have a Cal King bed, you’ll appreciate the luxurious feel and extra length that sleeping in a big bed gives you. It only makes sense that you have a matching bed sheet set that will keep you comfortable all year round.

Not all suppliers and retailers carry the California King Size bamboo sheet. As such, your choices may be slightly limited in terms of design and style compared to the traditional king and queen beds, but there are some great options if you know where to look. At Bamboo Bed, we not only have the king and queen-size bamboo sheets, but we also have Cal King bamboo sheets.

Our innovative California King bamboo sheets are made from ethically sourced, 100% organic bamboo fibers. They are perfect for couples or those looking to relax. Shop our range of bamboo sheets today. With premium materials and precision engineering, the best bamboo sheets Cal King provides that rejuvenating comfort for years to come.