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Best Place to Buy Bamboo Sheets in Canada

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Where is the best place to buy bamboo sheets in Canada? With the best quality, sustainability and buttery softness, The Bamboo Bed has you covered. 


With today’s global need for sustainable living to balance our planet’s delicate ecosystem and prevent further deterioration, bamboo bedding is becoming increasingly popular.


Bamboo is a widespread, fast-growing, and absolutely sustainable material. It also has inherent hypoallergenic properties and is more absorbent than cotton, making it ideal for those looking for a good night’s sleep.





Whether you are committed to sustainable living or looking for minor changes to reduce your carbon footprint, The Bamboo Bed is a trusted retailer you can count on when looking for the best place to buy bamboo sheets in Canada.


We distinguish ourselves with competitive prices, premium products and our commitment to sustainability. 

How to Buy Bamboo Sheets in Canada

 how to buy bamboo sheets in Canada


Bamboo sheets have many benefits, including temperature regulation, antimicrobial properties, and freshness.

However, with so many unique characteristics and bamboo blends, choosing the best bamboo bed sheets for you can be difficult. We have put together this guide to help you choose the best bamboo sheets in Canada.



best place to buy bamboo sheets


Bamboo sheets are typically made from a mixture of materials. However, the type of bamboo and the materials it is mixed with can make all the difference when it comes to your sheets.

100% bamboo: Pure bamboo sheets are the highest quality you can find. Sheets made from 100% bamboo tend to be more expensive, but this distinction is made to let customers know that bamboo is not mixed with other materials.

At The Bamboo Bed, we use 100% organic bamboo. 

Viscose and Rayon: There’s no functional difference between rayon from bamboo and bamboo viscose. Both materials are obtained from bamboo pulp, extracted, and transformed into long and silky fibers. Bamboo rayon was once marketed as “artificial silk”: there is nothing artificial about it, but it mimics the feel of silk.

Synthetic material: Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfiber are often mixed with bamboo to reduce costs. There is nothing wrong with these blends except that they use synthetic fibers instead of natural or organic fibers. If this worries you, avoid bamboo blends with synthetic materials. Otherwise, materials such as polyester can compromise the effectiveness of the magnificent properties of bamboo.

Thread Count



Bamboo is a unique material in that lower thread counts are typically better. The sweet spot for bamboo bed sheets is around 300 thread count. Bamboo is inherently softer than cotton, and a 300-thread count is still way more comfortable than cotton sheets with over 700 thread counts.

With bamboo, the quality of the fibers is far more important than the density of the weaving. Bamboo is also naturally breathable - using a higher thread count will negatively affect the properties you expect from your bamboo sheets.

Often, a higher thread count in bamboo bed sheets indicates a synthetic blend. If you want 100% organic bamboo sheets, look for a thread count of about 300 for the best results.




Pay close attention to the care instructions of the bamboo sheets you choose. It is important to choose an option that you are comfortable with. If you don’t mind professional cleaning services for your bedding, choosing a set that requires professional cleaning is no problem.

However, if you want to wash your sheets at home, finding compatible sheets can be a bit tricky. Bamboo sheets can be machine washed if you purchase the right one. Often, your bedding set will have specific washing instructions, such as using only mild detergent or washing on a gentle cycle to protect the long bamboo fibers.

Still, bamboo is very durable. You can even put them in your clothes dryer at home as long as you choose a low or no heat setting. Each retailer may have different guidelines for drying the sheets depending on the fabric type, including using dryer balls or line dryers until they only need a few moments in the dryer.


When shopping for bamboo sheets in Canada, you should always opt for a sheet set that fits your mattress size. If you choose a larger sheet set, it will sag and slide off the corners of your mattress. If you choose a smaller size, it may not fit your mattress at all! Unlike comforters, duvets, and other bedding products, bed sheets are all about size.

There are 6 standard mattress sizes and most sheet sets are available in these standard sizes. Some options may only be available in larger sizes, while others offer additional sizes for unique mattresses (e.g., RV mattress sizes or Split King).

It's helpful to know the size of your mattress. Standard mattress sizes include:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Double/Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

The sheet set you opt for should perfectly match the mattress size, except for the depth of the mattress. The depth of the mattress may vary.

Mattress Depth



A sheet set may not fit your mattress even if you order the right size. The depth of the mattress affects the fit of the sheets. If you know the depth of your mattress, you should look for sheets that match that height. Extremely tall mattresses may require special sheets.

You can always measure the depth of your mattress manually if you are unsure. Be sure to measure the depth at the corner of the mattress, as that is where the sheet needs to fit snugly. Most sets can support mattresses up to 15 inches high, but it is always worth looking at the bamboo sheet set individually.


If you are looking to achieve a specific bedroom design, you may want to find matching sheets. If you do not want to choose white sheets, color is important. Most bamboo bed sheets are white, but many are available in additional colors. Some come in a variety of colors to match your bedroom décor. Choose the option that suits you best! This can be a big factor in how much you like your bed sheets.

What is Included in the Set?

If you’re buying a sheet set, it’s a good idea to look at what’s included in your purchase. Most sets come with at least one fitted sheet and pillowcase. Flat bed sheets are also considered standard for your bed sheet set, but some retailers do not include them. In certain cases, they must be separately purchased.

Smaller sets (e.g., for the Twin and Twin XL sets) only contain one pillowcase. Larger options can include two or three pillowcases, and the size of the pillowcase can be adjusted to match the size of the sheet set. For instance, a King-size bamboo sheet set may include a King-size pillowcase, which is usually larger than a standard pillowcase.

Consider these measurements when choosing your bamboo bed sheet set. Pillowcases can typically be purchased separately, but it is worth checking out what options come with the set you are looking at.

Best Place to Buy Bamboo Sheets in Canada

If you are looking for an online destination where you can get bamboo sheets to do your part to protect our planet, Bamboo Bed is the best place to buy bamboo sheets in Canada. Years in the sleep industry have taught us what works best for most Canadians. We have evaluated hundreds of bedding options, from sheets and pillows to comforters and duvets. Every bedding product undergoes rigorous testing in our testing lab. Then our group of dedicated and detail-oriented testers tests the product in-house. Feedback from our testing team and the results of our reviews help us select the best bamboo sheets in Canada to sell to you.

Cheap Bamboo Sheet Sets vs The Bamboo Bed

If you are looking for affordable bamboo sheet sets, take a moment to look at the key differences between quality bamboo bedding and cheap bamboo sheet sets. Soon, you will begin to understand why purchasing Bamboo Bed bamboo sheets could save you money and time in the long run.

How Do Cheap Bamboo Sheets Stack Up?



Bamboo fibers are the finest fabrics and are naturally strong and incredibly soft and silky once woven. At its best, bamboo is comparable to cashmere: warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and breathable throughout the year.

However, cheap bamboo bedding will never compare to Bamboo Bed’s high-quality bamboo bedding. Inexpensive bamboo bedding is generally of poor quality, made from bamboo blends, and doesn’t offer the same benefits as Bamboo Bed’s 100% organic bamboo bed sheets.


What Can I Expect from Quality Sheets?


Here are some benefits of high-quality bamboo sheets from Bamboo Bed:

1. Sustainability

Bamboo sheets are made from a fast-growing, renewable resource, which makes them more durable than other natural fibers like cotton, silk, or linen, which require harmful chemicals to grow and a lot of water to process. No chemicals are required in the production of bamboo, so you can invest in this green product with peace of mind.

Bamboo Bed bamboo sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they contain no harmful chemicals and are biodegradable. They are also 100 percent organic and free from harsh toxins and chemicals. But beware, many retailers sell cheap bamboo bedding made from bamboo of questionable origin and manufacture.

 2. Durability

Bamboo is extremely durable and lasts up to three times longer than traditional cotton sheets. With proper care, your bamboo sheets will stay smooth and won’t require replacing for years. Indeed, bamboo fibers are remarkably long and, once woven, incredibly soft and durable.

But not all bamboo sheets are the same; cheap bamboo bed sheets are often mixed with inferior synthetic materials, resulting in pilling and short life. At Bamboo Bed, we only use bamboo viscose as it is soft to the touch, breathable, and will last for years.

3. Comfort



The long, rounded fibers of a bamboo plant mean that when woven by a quality maker, bamboo sheets are some of the softest, most luxurious bed sheets on the market.

At Bamboo Bed, we believe that a sateen weave is best for bamboo fabrics as it produces a buttery soft sheet with a lustrous, smooth, and silky quality. For this reason, we believe this technique best matches our bamboo fiber and why it is our favorite weave at Bamboo Bed.

4. Thermoregulatory, Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Investing in temperature-regulating sheets like bamboo viscose will help you get the most out of your purchase, as bamboo fibers wick away moisture and keep your body cool, clean, and dry all night long. Also, the properties of bamboo are inherently resistant to bacteria, ideal for reactive and hypersensitive skin. Bamboo sheets prevent dust mites, allergies, and bacterial growth, keep your skin fresh, and your bed clean and provide a completely hygienic sleeping environment throughout the year.

Price Difference Between Cheap and Quality Bamboo Sheets in Canada



Inexpensive bamboo sheet sets are available for as low as $50, with luxury options available for up to $300 or more. That said, there are plenty of quality options in the $100 to $150 price range.

Quality bamboo sheets may initially be more expensive than inexpensive bamboo sheets, but the meticulous manufacturing, packaging, as well as quality control processes required to make and sell quality sheets, make them a much more worthwhile investment in the long term.

Drawbacks of Cheap Bamboo Sheets?


Although a small investment initially, cheap bamboo sheet sets will eventually fail for several reasons.


Usually, inexpensive bamboo bedding products are made from bamboo that has been blended with inferior synthetic fibers to create bedding that pills faster and needs to be replaced much sooner than the more durable 100 percent bamboo fabric.


Cheap bamboo bed sheets are also prone to excessive shrinkage and may no longer fit your mattress after a few washes.

While bamboo can be sourced and processed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, cheap bamboo sheets are sometimes sourced from organizations that don’t meet these standards, so beware.

Cheap Bamboo Sheet Sets vs The Bamboo Bed


While you can’t put a price on a comfortable night’s sleep, you can make sure you’re spending your money wisely on quality items that last. Rather than offering cheap bamboo bedding at Bamboo Bed, we are focused on creating a soft, durable, and luxurious product that gives you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

If you are looking for the best place to buy bamboo sheets in Canada, you have come to the right place. Bamboo Bed is Canada’s leading bamboo retailer, offering a range of premium quality bamboo sheet sets, bamboo pillowcases, bamboo duvet covers, and bamboo fitted sheets of the highest quality. Shop the full range today.

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets in Canada Last?

On average, you can expect your bamboo bed sheets to last up to 6 years. The longer fibers of bamboo plants contribute to durability and reduce wear and tear over time.

Create a Perfect Night’s Sleep for Canadians



We have spent years researching and creating the ideal sheets for Canada. We have been through cotton, microfiber, satin, and flannel. These did not address the fundamental problems linked to uncomfortable sleep. The beddings were either too scratchy, itchy, or stuffy and didn’t suit our allergies. That was before we found Bamboo.

Add a little environmentally friendly luxury to your bedding range when you browse the product catalog at this online destination.


The Bamboo Bed strives to give you access to sustainable and antimicrobial bedding solutions in Canada. Whether you are shopping on a shoestring or looking for a splurge-worthy option, Bamboo Bed won’t disappoint. Discover a wide range of colors, patterns, and prints, and make sure your bed is always the cozy sanctuary you need at the end of a busy day.