Best Down Comforter Protector

Best Down Comforter Protector

A comforter protector or a duvet cover happens to be a truly versatile product. As the name indicates, it’s placed on top of the down comforter. It’s usually put on like a bedsheet. The protector keeps the expensive down comforter from getting damaged or stained. It also reduces the risk of dust accumulation.

When shopping for the best down comforter protector, it’s important to examine the fabric that the product is made of, its size and additional protective characteristics. Drawing a comparison between the available products is the best way to identify the top picks on the market.

So, what’s the best comforter protector out there? Here are a few good options to choose among.

Allersoft Duvet Protector


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Allersoft’s duvet protector is available in a range of sizes that correspond to different types of down comforters – from twin to king and even jumbo king. The product is advertised as dust, mite and allergy control down comforter protector.

The protector is made of soft cotton that features an impressive thread count of 280. Safety stitches and a rust-proof zipper contribute to a practical design.

Allergy sufferers will be particularly pleased with this protector. As already mentioned, down bedding products tend to accumulate dust with the passage of time. The cotton protector creates a reliable physical barrier that keeps dust, allergens, dander and impurities outside. At the same time, the protector is made of cotton – a natural and breathable fabric.

Allersoft’s duvet protector is made in the US, relying on a patented weave. This is one of the main reasons why the product has gotten such a big number of positive customer reviews and why it deserves the title of the best down comforter protector.

Floppy Ears Design Waterproof Breathable Duvet Comforter Protector


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Though a bit less popular than Allersoft’s comforter protector, the Floppy Ear Design cover is another best seller.

The protector is made from stretchy polyester that also features a waterproof, yet breathable protective layer made from urethane. This is the main reason why the protector does such a good job when it comes to keeping dust, dander and moisture out of the comforter.

Pet owners will be particularly pleased with the protector. It can protect an expensive down comforter from pet stains, dander, hair and even urine. The waterproof barrier keeps all of those impurities and sources of stains outside.

Internal ties are available to keep the comforter in its place. The protector closes with a zipper for incredibly simple use. This product is available in two sizes – queen and standard.

Cozy Land Luxury Soft Premium Egyptian Cotton Duvet Protector


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As the name indicates, this Cozy Land protector is made from luxurious Egyptian cotton that features the impressive thread count of 300. Apart from being incredibly soft, this tight weave also keeps dust and impurities from getting inside the comforter and settling in the filling.

Cozy Land Luxury Soft Premium Egyptian Cotton Duvet Protector also features a wide optic wide stripe and a zipper for easier use.

The protector’s fabric has been pre-treated to reduce the risk of shrinkage after it gets washed. This product can be machine washed and tumble dried.

This is a protector that falls within the mid price range. The quality of the fabric is really nice and taking care of the product happens to be easy. The only downside is that the protector doesn’t feature internal clips or ties that can be used to keep the comforter in its place.

Claritin Anti-Allergen Comforter Protector


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The final entry in the list has a name that rings a bell among allergy sufferers. The Claritin Anti-Allergen Comforter Protector creates a reliable barrier between the comforter and allergens like dust mites, pet dander and pollen. As the name indicates, it is one of the best picks for individuals having pets and people suffering from seasonal allergies.

It’s made of polyester that keeps stains outside, yet happens to be a breathable fabric. At the same time, the fabric feels soft to the touch.

Claritin’s anti-allergy protector is a practical item that can be laundered in a standard washing machine (hot water and the gentle cycle). Tumble drying using the low heat setting is also possible, simplifying the maintenance of the product even further.