L. L. Bean Goose Down Comforter

L. L. Bean Goose Down Comforter

Our beds are our dream pads. No bed is complete without the addition of a comforter. They add coziness to the bedroom and make the bed inviting. After a tiring day, you just want to curl up in your perfect comforter. This however is where it gets tricky. With the numerous varieties available in the market, it has become very challenging to make the right choice. Well, this is where we come in. In this article, we will give you an in-depth review of one of the most popular comforters out there, the L. L. Bean Down Comforter, so you may make an informed choice.

The Basics

First things first. Let us begin by breezing through the basics of this product. L.L. Bean Comforters belong to the down comforter category of comforters. This basically entails that these are made from those feathers of the ducks or geese that are situated on the inner side. This is directly translated to the fact that these comforters are inherently soft due to the material used for their synthesis. Down comforters are considered to be one of the finest kinds in the line of bedding. This particular product, the L.L. Bean Goose Down feathers utilize inner feathers of the geese which means that they are very soft to the touch and hence exceedingly comfortable. While some people agree that these comforters are the premium brand, some beg to differ. Let us explore the product from both perspectives so you may decide yourself.

LL Bean

Pros of L.L. Bean Comforters

The L. L. Bean comforters seem to be a popular choice amongst consumers as they are one of those that have obtained very high user ratings. Let us take you through the features that make them so popular.

1. The L. L. Bean comforters are ultra-lightweight. As claimed by the manufacturers, these are useable in any season, in any country having any sort of climate, and can be used throughout the year. This means that they can be your ultimate sleeping solution; all-in-one comforters that can be used in summer or winter.

2. These down comforters come in a variety of sizes. The different choices of dimension mean that they are able to cater to a lot of consumers according to their individual needs. The variety ranges vastly and covers 4 categories based on dimension.

  • Twin – these are suitable for single or twin beds. These are 68 inches in width and 88 inches in length.
  • Full – a little larger than twins, these are 81 inches in width and 88 inches in length.
  • Queen – The first type of double comforter, these are 88 inches in width and 98 inches in length
  • King – this is the full and the largest size. These are 107 inches in width and 98 inches in length.

3. The manufacturers claim that the L. L. Bean comforters boast the Permabaffle Box System. This basically means that the comforter fabric is divided into boxes separated by lines of stitching. This works to keep the feathers and fill in place hence minimizing down movement.


4. The manufacturers pride themselves in the durability of their comforters. These are said to provide you with years of service before any replacement is needed.

5. As per the user reviews and performance tests, the comforters are said to shed no or very little throughout their use. So this is a big plus.

6. The fabric that is used to make the shell or cover of the comforter is very fine and light. This is made from the cotton batiste material which is known for its fine quality and feathery lightness.

7. The high thread count is another big advantage as it makes the comforter very soft and silken to touch.

8. This comforter is branded as hypoallergenic. The biggest downside of down comforters is that they cannot be used by people with allergies. With the L. L. Bean comforter, you are free of all such worries. So even if you are someone who has a history of allergies, you can easily use this comforter without any worries of provoking your allergies.

Cons of L. L. Bean Down Comforters


While this is a great brand of comforters that are mostly highly rated amongst users, there maybe a few down sides. So in the interest of keeping it an honest review, let us look at the cons.

  1. The lightweight of the comforter is mostly thought of as an advantage. However, some people rather see it as a con. This may mean that the comforter might not be suitable for all year use especially in extreme climates in winters. 
  2. Although the brand is labelled hypoallergenic, it might still cause some allergies in some rare cases. This is not specifically a con of L. L. Bean comforters but rather of down comforters in general since they use bird feathers which even after a lot of treatment might still act as allergens.
  3. The comforter is not largely underpriced. While it is sold at a reasonable price, some argue that you can get better comforters for the price that actually are suitable for usage throughout the year.


The overall verdict of the L. L. Bean down comforter is very standard. This is a good comforter in the family of down comforters and seems to be a very popular choice amongst consumers. The fine fabric quality coupled with the Permabaffle technology and the timeless design makes it a good choice for anyone.