Best Goose Down Bedding For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Best Goose Down Bedding For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

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Table of Contents

  1. Quick buying and care guide for hypoallergenic bedding
  2. Top allergy safe goose down comforter
  3. The top alternative choice that's 100% allergy safe
  4. The best way to keep your goose down bedding with none of the annoying allergic reactions

The best down comforters for people with asthma and allergies - our results

I'll be the first to admit that the selection of down comforters for people with allergies kinda sucks. You either end up fooled by companies that claim their comforter is "hypoallergenic" when it really isn't or suffer with a limp polyester down alternative comforter.

Do not dispair! Even if you are allergic to goose down and dust-mites it is possible to sleep surrounded by fluffy goose down bedding. I've done the research for you in this review and found 3 great choices for allergy sufferers.

There's a lot of down comforter manufacturers that attach a hypoallergenic description to their products but they really aren't any different from normal down comforters. After testing over 8 different down comforters I found that only the Allerrest comforter really passes my "runny nose" test.

As an alternate choice I've also included my favorite down alternative comforter that feels almost like a real down comforter.

I know, I know. I can hear you all groaning right now. Down alternative?! That plasticky polyester stuff? Yuck!

But the Pinzon Primaloft made by the DownLite company (who makes down comforters for Macy's, Eddie Bauer, etc.) is pretty decent.

I'm still a bedding snob so take this as a very high endorsement from me when I say it feels almost like an authentic goose down comforter.

If you already have a favorite down comforter that you want to keep, then use a protective cover like the Allerrest protector to block all dust-mites and particles that give you allergies.

Quick buying and care guide for allergen proof bedding

In my search for real allergy safe down bedding there's one tip I've come across again and again. You must wash and dry your bedding and/or protectors the correct way if you want it to keep blocking out allergens.

There's some wizardry that goes behind making the special dust-mite blocking fabrics. A combination of specially woven fibers and a particle blocking coating are the only things separating you and the particles that give you itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.

If the care label says dry clean only, then that means dry clean only. Do not let water touch the comforter! It would be a shame to pay $200+ for your hypoallergenic comforter or pillow and ruin it with one wash cycle. You do not want to wash off the special coating material or loosen the weave of the fabric shell in any way.

Okay. With that out of the way, onwards to the top 3 list of the best down comforters for people with (annoying) allergies!

#1 Pacific Coast's AllerRest line

pacific coast allerrest down comforter lg

This is the only 100% allergy safe choice I found with real goose down inside.

The AllerRest comforter is filled with goose down that's been washed 8 times to get rid of the particles and dust-mites that trigger allergy symptoms and asthmatic reactions. On top of this, there's a built in allergy protector to block allergens from getting in or out of the comforter.

This is a medium warmth comforter that's suitable for all seasons. There's also a lighter weight AllerRest down blanket if you want a allergy proof down blanket that you can use during the spring and summer. Unfortunately the comforter does not come in an extra warm model, though the AllerRest comforter is warm enough for bedroom temperatures down to 60F.

allerrest double downaround pillows

If you love sleeping on down pillows too, Pacific Coast also makes allergy-safe down pillows. There's the AllerRest All Down Pillow which is a standard down pillow and a firmer and plusher two layer down filled pillow called the AllerRest Double DownAround pillow.

For a 100% goose down experience with none of the allergies, get the complete AllerRest comforter and pillow set which comes with both the AllerRest down comforter and two AllerReste pillows. This way you'll save 20% versus purchasing each item separately.


#2 Pinzon Primaloft's Down Alternative comforter is safe for the most severe allergies

pinzon primaloft hypoallergenic down alternative comforter

If even a little bit of down is too much for your sensitive nose, then a down alternative comforter is the only 100% worry-free choice. Pinzon's Primaloft comforter is the lightest and most authentic down alternative comforter I've ever tried.

Stop worrying that you'll wake up with a red and blotchy face because feathers or allergens leaked out. The Primaloft is filled with 100% polyester batting inside and it has a 100% cotton cover. It is guaranteed to be allergen free. While it does not feel exactly like real goose down, the Primaloft comforter does fluff up to over 2" and is very light for a synthetic comforter. The only place where the Primaloft falls short is that it lacks the "squish" and springiness that you get when you squeeze real goose down.

The cotton shell and light filling inside does not trap moisture like other down alternative comforters so you won't wake up drenched in sweat. This is a very warm yet light comforter that is a good compromise if you love sleeping under a goose down comforter but cannot tolerate the itching or stuffy nose that's caused by down and dust-mites.

The Primaloft comforter is made by DownLite, a very reputable bedding company that's behind popular lines of bedding such as Eddie Bauer and Macy's. The "medium warmth" Primaloft comforter is suitable for year-round use and bedroom temperatures around 60F. There is an "extra warmth" model that would be perfect for mid-west and Canadian winters or if you like to keep your temperatures lower around 50F.


#3 Keep Your Favorite Goose Down Bedding with an allergen blocking protector

allerrest down comforter protector

Good news if you already have a down comforter. You don't have to throw it out or buy a new "allergy safe" comforter!

Use an allergen blocking protector like the AllerRest comforter protector from Pacific Coast and you'll be able to sleep without an itchy nose or watery eyes.

If you have a oversized California king sized comforter you'll want to get this comforter protector from Allersoft. The Allersoft protector has a lower thread count compared to Pacific Coast (280 vs. 300), but it's one of the few allergen protectors made for unusual comforter sizes.

The AllerRest comforter protector is made out of specially woven "barrierweave" cotton that's lab tested and guaranteed to be down proof and allergen proof.

The protector goes on over your comforter and under your duvet cover so there will be a minimal amount of added bulk. Still, this is the best compromise if you're choosy about your down comforter and if you absolutely cannot stand down alternative fillings. Plus, at $60-$80 it's less expensive than buying a whole new comforter.

If you have are a down bedding hedonist like me you'll also want to get protectors for your pillows like this AllerRest pillow protector from Pacific Coast or this pillow protector from Mission Allergy. There's even a feather bed protector from Pacific Coast if you have a feather bed or mattress topper.


Compare prices and shop

I Want... The Best Down Comforter Rating Why I Love It Price Range* Shop
A real goose down comforter that won't give me a runny nose or itchy eyes. Pacific Coast's AllerRest down comforter This is a medium warmth comforter that can be used year-round.

Has a built in "AllerRest" particle blocking barrier built into the cotton shell.

Buying a allergy protector costs at least $60-$80 so this is the best choice if you don't already have a favorite down comforter.
$279-$329 Check Prices
A down alternative comforter that's as warm and lofty as real goose down with good air-flow so I don't wake up drenched in sweat. Pinzon Primaloft Down Alternative Comforter A light down alternative comforter that feels light and soft like it's made of natural cotton and goose down, not polyester.

100% guaranteed to be allergy safe. The best choice if you don't want to worry about allergies from leaking feathers or special washing instructions.

Comes in medium warmth for year-round use and extra warmth for chilly northern winters.
$93-$130 Check Prices
A protector that will block all dust-mites and particles that cause allergy symptoms so I can sleep under any goose down comforter I choose. Pacific Coast AllerRest Comforter Protector The best choice if you already have a favorite goose down comforter that you want to keep using.

Made out of the same barrier weave cotton fabric that's used in the AllerRest down comforter. The protector is 100% cotton so it won't feel "crinkly" or stiff unlike cheaper comforter protectors.

You'll use this protector underneath your duvet cover so there will be some added bulk, but this is the trade-off you'll have to make if you want to sleep under your down comforter without a stuffed nose.
$60-$80 Check Prices