The Best Hypoallergenic Down Comforter Reviewed

The Best Hypoallergenic Down Comforter Reviewed

Is It True All Goose Down Causes A Blocked Nose?

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Do you get a stuffed runny nose from goose down? See which comforter I found to be the best for allergy sufferers.

Can you still sleep in goose down bedding if you have allergies?

If you find your nose gets stuffy from down pillows or comforters but you still love the luxurious plushness of down, then there may be several solutions to this problem.

First, down comforters with hypoallergenic barrier fabrics trap allergens in so you are never exposed to the dust and mites that make your nose run.  The best goose down bedding brand that also makes hypoallergenic comforters is Pacific Coast.

Another solution is to keep your regular goose down comforter, but you'll need to keep it inside an allergen blocking comforter protector like this one.  These protectors are made with a barrier fabric like the one covering the AllerRest comforter, but the protectors are sold separately.

Pacific Coast makes a down comforter just for allergy sufferers.

pacific coast allerrest down comforter

I really like the Pacific Coast AllerRest Down Comforter because not only do they use a allergen blocking fabric cover but they also clean the down to minimize the amount of allergens that are normally found in natural goose feathers.

The comforter comes with an allergy-free guarantee for a period of time too so you can try it out and confirm that your allergies aren't triggered.

A real goose down comforter made especially for people with allergies. Comes with an allergy guarantee.

Should you get a hypoallergenic goose down comforter or a down alternative comforter?

Back in my college days I used a lower quality down comforter and there were some mornings where I would wake up with a blocked nose and phlegm.  Nowadays I only buy comforters that are made with tight hypoallergenic barrier fabrics like the AllerRest comforter.  I find that this is enough to get rid of all my allergy problems and I can enjoy the comfort of real goose down filled bedding.

If you are truly worried about allergies with a comforter filled with true goose down feathers, then down alternative comforters are another option.  These comforters are filled with synthetic fibers that mimic the feel of down feathers.  While these blankets will obviously never replicate the true plushness and warmth of down, they are the best choice for very sensitive people.

Down alternative comforters are truly hypoallergenic and in my experience they mimic the feel of a light warmth down comforter pretty closely. Keep in mind that down alternative materials are heavier.  Though the comparison to real down comforters fails with extra warm alternative comforters.

Since man made materials will never be able to emulate the light lofty texture of down, even the best down alternative comforters will be heavy and flat in comparison to a real goose down blanket. This disparity is especially apparent in extra warm weights. An extra warm down alternative comforter will require so much material to provide insulation that even the best hypoallergenic down comforter cannot possibly be as light and as fluffy as a real white goose down comforter.

See my reviews of a couple down alternative comforters.

How should you wash your allergy safe comforter?

Since allergen-free comforters are treated with a special coating, you will need to avoid washing the coating off.  Some comforters need to be dry cleaned while others should only be washed in water.  Check the care tags on your comforter before you throw it in the washer!

The AllerRest comforter needs to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered so you won't be able to wash it at home.


Pacific Coast's AllerRest comforter is the best choice if you have allergies but can't live without your fluffy down comforter.  While down alternative comforters are truly hypoallergenic, they cannot mimic the plushness and warmth of real goose down.


  • Has a built in AllerRest fabric cover which blocks dust and allergens. You can add another allergen blocking protector for extra protection.
  • Comes with an allergy guarantee and 10 year limited warranty.
  • Pacific Coast currently has free shipping on down comforters.


  • Can't be washed at home.  Needs to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered.
  • Feathers are kept in place with box stitching rather than baffle boxes.

Average Price: $279 - $329

Pacific Coast

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I personally prefer allergy safe comforters with real goose down feathers, like the AllerRest.

I've tried several down alternative blankets and found that they are okay if you are really allergic.  But the texture and fluffiness is not the same as true goose down.

If you already have a down comforter that you love, don't get rid of it!  Cover it with an allergen blocking protector like the AllerRest protector and continue to sleep in luxury!

If your budget allows it, the absolute best hypoallergenic comforter with REAL down is the AllerRest comforter by Pacific Coast.

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