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Do Bamboo Sheets Have a Thread Count?

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Do bamboo sheets have a thread count? This is a question that we often get asked, and it's a valid one! If you're in the market for some new bedding, you've probably come across bamboo sheets before and been curious about them. You are probably wondering how they compare to high-quality cotton sheets.

Today we're going to be discussing whether or not bamboo sheets have a thread count. We'll be exploring the truth behind this belief, and examining what actually makes for a good set of bamboo sheets. So, how can you tell if bamboo sheets are good quality? Stay tuned for an informative read!

What is a Thread Count?

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We are going to keep it short and sweet here because let’s face it, it is pretty self-explanatory.
Thread count is the number of threads woven together per four square inches of fabric, which includes both length and width. Generally, the finer the thread, the more threads you can weave into a sheet, thus increasing the perceived quality and total thread count.

Now let’s move on to the juicier stuff.

Do Bamboo Sheets Have a Thread Count?

Quite simply, the answer to the question “do bamboo sheets have a thread count?” “, is yes. The specifics of the thread count range for bamboo bed sheets vary depending on what you are reading, but in general, bamboo sheets range in thread count from 150 to 500.

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet if you are thinking “what about bamboo vs cotton sheets as some cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton bed linen claim to have a thread count of 1000”. We’ll see in a minute why bamboo bed sheets are such a popular choice right now.

Although bamboo sheets thread count varies between 150 and 500 thread count, most bamboo sheets are between 300 and 400 thread count. This is pretty fantastic considering most suppliers agree that the ideal thread count for bamboo sheets is about 300.

You may come across bamboo beddings that claim to be 500 thread counts. In this case, we recommend digging a bit deeper into the bamboo product itself, as many experts strongly suggest that a bamboo sheet thread count that high cannot be 100 percent organic bamboo.

Bamboo sheets that claim such a high thread count could very easily be a blend. So if you see it, do your best to emulate Sherlock Holmes and dig a bit deeper! Now, back to the previous question, how can bamboo sheets with such a low thread count be any better than Egyptian cotton...

Put simply, bamboo fabrics are the Beez Kneez!

Let’s elaborate.

Why Are Bamboo Sheets So Incredibly Soft Without a High Thread Count?

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First, let’s put on our anti-myth hats. The traditional belief is that the higher the thread count, the better the sheet isn’t entirely true. Well, at least that’s no longer the case. While we are sure Egyptian cotton sheets with a 1000-thread-count are great, they are not bamboo sheets.

Bamboo bedding’s unique benefits lie in the nature of bamboo fibers, as the original thread inherently has a very long fiber length by definition, in fact much longer than cotton fibers. Due to the length of bamboo fibers, most bamboo bed sheets tend to enable long, thin threads to be spun into the fabric, allowing much more room for the bamboo threads to weave in than many cotton alternatives.

We know that this does not necessarily explain the difference in thread count between cotton and bamboo bed sheets. Here it’s. Cotton fibers are much shorter than bamboo fibers and because of this, you need to weave a lot more cotton threads to make your sheets. So yes, cotton thread counts can be higher, but that is only because cotton sheets require way more threads to complete a sheet set.

Bamboo fibers are inherently longer, softer, more durable, more eco-friendly, lightweight, hypoallergenic, have fantastic temperature regulation, and are honestly our favorite - they are so silky! The next time you are looking at bamboo sheets thread count, the staple length will be an important consideration.

Yes, bamboo sheets have a thread count but don’t consider it the almighty measure of quality. That title should always go to the quality of the bamboo fibers themselves.

The Best Bamboo Sheets Thread Count is 300

Extensive testing and research have shown that a 300-thread count is optimal for bamboo viscose sheets. If the thread count is increased beyond 300, any further improvement is negligible, leading to diminishing returns.

That’s why 300-thread-count bamboo sheets are luxuriously smooth and soft to the touch while remaining breathable and cooling.

What Can Happen if Bamboo Sheets Thread Count is Too Low?

If the thread count of your bamboo sheets is too low, they won’t be as smooth or soft. Also, due to the higher gap-to-fabric ratio, hard objects will cling to the bedding more easily. This can cause threads to be cut and sheets to fall apart quickly.

What Can Happen if Bamboo Sheets Thread Count is Too High?

Bamboo bed sheets with high thread count

If the thread count of your sheet is too high, it means the manufacturer is using a very tight weave. Bamboo bed sheets that are too tight have less breathability. As a result, your skin will no longer breathe as well and you sweat more often.

Also, only a few mills can weave more than 300 threads per square inch. Sheet makers claiming to have such a high thread count may have achieved this by twisting two or more strands of yarn before beginning the weaving process. So, they create a sort of two-ply yarn and market it like a double yarn.

Also, to compensate for the extra thickness of the two-ply yarn, these manufacturers may have used thinner threads to create the yarn. These lower-quality yarns may tear more easily or start to unravel after a few washes. As a result of fraying, pilling starts when the yarn starts to fray and this manifests as small lint balls on your bamboo bed sheets. These unsightly pills can disrupt your sleep, as they are uncomfortable and lumpy.

How Can I Identify Quality Bamboo Bed Sheets with Good Thread Count?

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As the popularity of bamboo sheets increases and the benefits become more apparent, many people find it difficult to tell the difference between high-quality bamboo sheets with good thread counts and lower-quality options. Not all bamboo bed sheets are made with the same process and do not all have the same thread count. It is important to identify quality bamboo sheets before purchasing them.

Some bamboo sheets are made from pure bamboo, while others are blended with other materials such as cotton. Knowing these types of materials will help you differentiate between low-quality and high-quality bamboo sheets.

The commonly available types of bamboo fabric materials are:

  • 100 percent Bamboo Viscose: Crafted from pure bamboo viscose.
  • 100 percent Bamboo LYOCELL: Crafted from 100 percent bamboo lyocell material.
  • 100 percent Bamboo Rayon: Crafted from pure bamboo rayon.
  • Bamboo mixed with cotton: This is determined by the mixing ratio. The most common blends are 70% bamboo viscose with 30% cotton or 60% bamboo viscose with 40% cotton. This blended fabric material is known to be relatively stronger than 100 percent bamboo, although softness is compromised.

The weaving pattern is also very important and there are two common types:

  • Bamboo sateen - a weaving pattern with a three-yarn over and one-yarn under.
  • Bamboo twill: A diagonal rib or twill line for a very fine weave.

The weave patterns and type of materials say a lot about bamboo sheets' thread count. Here are some helpful tips that can help you choose the best bamboo sheet with the right thread count.

  • Check the type of material your bamboo sheets are made of.
  • The thread count can be linked with smoothness and softness.

The weave of your bamboo bed sheets determines how they feel. If your bamboo sheet’s softness is very important to you, you can opt for an option with a sateen weave. This is because it features a higher thread count than bamboo twill. Bamboo twill is a good option if you want your bamboo sheets to be stronger. Sateen bamboo sheets add that silky, luxurious, and more delicate texture.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep with the Best Bamboo Sheets Thread Count

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When buying bamboo sheets, be careful where you buy them and from whom. If your retailer is confident in the quality of their bamboo beddings, they won’t have any problem guaranteeing their durability, and quality, and honoring it with their customers. As bamboo bedding has become more popular, more and more retailers are selling poor-quality blended bamboo bed sheets. Make sure you conduct your research and find the retailer that offers the best value for your money.

At Bamboo Bed, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality bamboo bed sheets and textiles. All our sheets are 100% organic, eco-friendly, and designed to provide the most luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. Check out our wide variety of bamboo sheets in a range of sizes and shades today.