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How to Get Stains Out of Bamboo Sheets?

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Bamboo sheets are becoming increasingly popular for their unique blend of luxury and comfort. But as with any new bedding, there is a learning curve when it comes to caring for them. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to get stains out of bamboo sheets. Whether you’re dealing with spills or sweat stains, following these steps will help keep your sheets looking like new. So read on to find out how to keep your bamboo sheets clean and stain-free!

How to Get Stains Out of Bamboo Sheets?

First, bamboo sheets are not like regular cotton sheets or other fabrics. Bamboo is made from natural fibers that are strong and flexible and require a little extra care. When attempting to remove a stain from your bamboo sheets, there are a few things to avoid:

Don’t Use Bleach

Using bleach on your bamboo sheets is a big no-no. The chemicals found in regular bleach are too harsh on bamboo fibers and will cause holes in the sheets or completely damage them. Bamboo fibers are strong and flexible; however, when dealing with abrasive chemical compounds, they become very delicate. As for removing stains from bamboo sheets, as bad as the stains are, don’t bleach them.

Avoid Hot Water

For some reason, many believe that hot water will help remove stains and provide a thorough cleaning. It is not true. Cold water washes sheets faster than hot water, and cold water is much gentler on fabric fibers. We highly recommend avoiding hot water when attempting to clean and remove stains from your sheets. Hot water can cause bamboo sheets to shrink and will not provide the same washing effect as cold water.

How To Remove General Stains from Bamboo Sheets?

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Surprisingly, white bamboo sheets are more stain-resistant than colored sheets because the colored fabric dye absorbs more stains. You should wash your sheets as soon as you spill anything on your 100% viscose from bamboo sheets.

If you sweat at night, you should also check them for body oils. The absorbency of the sheets makes stain removal difficult by the day as the oils will penetrate deeper layers.

To get rid of most stains from your bamboo bedding, you can make a vinegar and water mixture. It should be one part vinegar to four parts water. Soak the stain in the mixture for up to 2 hours, then machine wash the sheets in hot water.

How To Remove Oil Stains from Bamboo Sheets?

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If your bamboo bedding has oil-based stains like lipstick, you’ll need to wash it in hot water. Some people have found that natural/eco-friendly detergent also helps remove stains. It is a degreaser in which the sheets must first be soaked and then put in the washing machine.

How to Get Natural Stains Out of Bamboo Sheets?

You may have grass stains on your clothes that can actually rub against your bamboo sheets. To remove these stains, make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and apply it directly to your bedding before washing.

What To Do With Pet Stains on Bamboo Sheets?

Vomit or urine can also cause pet stains, for example. Remove these stains by washing the sheets in cold water and then in warm water with a cup of vinegar.

How To Remove Coffee Stains from Bamboo Sheets?

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In the morning, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in bed and spill some. You can remove these spots by soaking your bamboo sheets in white vinegar, water, and natural/eco-friendly detergent for 15 minutes. Then put your sheets in the washing machine.

How to Get Red Wine Stains Out of Your Bamboo Sheets?

For red wine stains, start by applying 1 part natural/eco-friendly detergent to 3 parts hydrogen peroxide on the stain for 20 minutes. Then blot the stain and put the bamboo sheet in the washing machine.

How To Remove Body Oil Stains from Bamboo Sheets?

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The best practice for removing body oil stains from bamboo sheets is to run the bedding through a regular wash cycle. When we talk about a regular wash, we mean the kind of wash you would give your bamboo sheets on a regular basis: cold water, eco/natural detergent, gentle cycle, and air dry.

If the body oil stains don’t come off after this first wash, it is time to soak the stain. Soak your bamboo bedding in cold water (no more than 30 degrees) with a natural soaking agent or stain remover that doesn’t attack the fibers too much. If the stain is especially stubborn, try an enzyme-based stain remover.

When removing stains like body oil from bamboo sheets, it may take a bit of trial and error to find what works best for bamboo bedding. We recommend you stick to natural, delicate, mild, and non-chlorine products when removing body oil stains from your bamboo sheets.

Depending on the cause of the body oil stains, a mixture of water and vinegar can help remove the stains. However, it’s important to keep the mixture gentle: too much vinegar can be too harsh on bamboo sheets. Mix 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and apply the solution to the spot for a few hours before rinsing with cold water on a gentle cycle.

What to Do About Bamboo Sheets That Turn Yellow Over Time?

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If your white bamboo sheet set is yellowing over time, there are things you can try to fix it. Soak the sheets in a mixture of lukewarm water and lemon juice for one hour. After that, you can put your sheets in the washer and you should have white sheets again.

Give New Life to Your Bamboo Sheets!

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Bamboo sheets are exceptionally durable and breathable. Mostly, bamboo bedding provides a fresh and clean sleeping environment much more than other fabrics. However, if you want your bamboo sheets to stay in good condition, you need to be very careful with the delicate bamboo fibers. When it comes to how to get stains out of bamboo sheets, remember to be careful, avoid bleach, and rely on natural, eco-friendly stain removers.

Always read the label on your bamboo sheets and follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. When it comes to Bamboo Bed’s luxurious bamboo sheets, our washing guide tells you everything you need to know about caring for our products. At Bamboo Bed, we are committed to providing quality bamboo bedding for those who want to sleep in the most comfortable, peaceful, and luxurious environment.