How To Pick The Best Down Comforter For Toddlers

How To Pick The Best Down Comforter For Toddlers

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Can I Buy Down Comforters For Babies?

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Give your little one a comfy head start in life with their own snuggly down comforter.  Believe it or not, there are specialty lines of down bedding just for cribs.

However, crib sized goose down comforters are really intended for older babies and toddlers.  Thick bedding items such as comforters should not be used until your baby is at least 1 years old.  Excessively large and thick bedding are choking hazards for young babies.

Okay, So Goose Down Comforters Are For Toddlers.  How Do I Buy One?  What Should I Look Out For?

The same criteria for buying a goose down comforter for adults still apply.  The only difference is the thickness of the comforter.

When you first feel a crib sized comforter you may think that it's really thin and light.  That's okay though!

Remember that kids do not regulate their body temperature as well as adults.  As any parent whose kids have woken up sweaty from a nap knows, anything more than a light blanket is too much.

Still, a thin goose down blanket will give your toddler the feeling of "sleeping in a hug" without being too hot.

Where Can I Find A Down Comforter For Toddlers?

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There are several types of down comforters for toddlers now.  From comforters that fit in cribs for 1-2 year olds to larger twin sized comforters for older kids.  Keep in mind that the twin sized comforters will still be thinner than what you're used to since it's specially made for children's needs.

I've spotted everything from natural unbleached down to white goose down and even down alternative comforters made for cribs.  You can see the full list of toddler down comforters here on Amazon as well as check out the hundreds of reviews.