What You Need to Know about down feather pillows

What You Need to Know about down feather pillows

Feathers in a pillow seems like heaven to many people and the truth of the matter is… the filling does come close to sleeping on a cloud. Down feather pillows have so many advantages that are difficult to ignore. If you’re about to make some new purchases for the bedroom, a down pillow should definitely be on the list. Are you concerned that you don’t know too much about these bedding products? This article will help you fill the gaps.

Down Pillow Inserts

What is a Down Pillow?

As the name indicates, down feather pillows are filled either with down or with goose feathers. Sometimes, products will feature a combination of both. Goose down is usually chosen because of its fluffiness and insulating properties. Sometimes, duck down may be used as an alternative.

Goose down is the very soft and short under-plumage that the birds need to keep themselves warm. As a result, it has excellent insulation qualities. Goose down is used to make a wide array of clothing items and bedding products. Comforters and pillows rank among the most popular.

Down pillow are a great alternative to synthetic pillows. The material is very soft and sustainable. The risk of suffering from an allergy is minimal. Opting for a goose down feather pillow will also produce a range of additional benefits.

The Main Benefits of Down Feather Pillows

Consider the advantages of down feather pillows to decide whether they’re the right pick for you:

  • Lightweight and fluffy: down is an incredibly lightweight material. At the same time, it provides sufficient support to the neck and the shoulders. The material is pliable, which means that it will adjust and follow the curves of the body. Most people that use down pillows report that they have excellent neck and shoulder support, which reduces the risk of pain and stiffness in the morning.
  • Warm: the insulating qualities of down make it suitable for the production of comforters that can be used during even the coldest winter nights. The same is true for down pillows.
  • Very soft: the softness of a down feather pillow can’t be compared to the one of any synthetic filling. You will sink down in a bed of fluffiness, which will obviously contribute to enhanced sleep quality.
  • Durable and long-lived: if you follow the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions, you’ll get to enjoy your down feather pillow for a very long period of time. The material is exceptionally durable in comparison to other filling types. This fact justifies the investment in a down feather pillow.
  • Hypoallergenic: allergic reactions to goose down are exceptionally rare. People are more prone to having a reaction stemming from the presence of dust mites in the filling. If you stick to the care and cleaning instructions, you’ll get this risk reduced.

A Few Additional Facts

There are many other intriguing facts about goose down pillows that people are generally unfamiliar with. Such pillows have been around for a very long period of time. Thousands of years ago, our predecessors probably slept with domesticated birds by their side. This is how they quickly discovered the warmth and softness of feathers and down.

If you’re wondering how to choose a pillow and weather down is right for you, consider your sleeping position. Side sleepers, for example, need more neck and shoulder support. As a result, they’ll benefit from a pillow that has a mixed filling of down and feathers. A down pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers because it compresses easily. Such people typically need a very thin pillow for comfort, otherwise they may experience neck pain in the morning.

With proper care, a down pillow can last for up to 20 years! Using a pillow protector is ideal for maintaining the integrity of the filling and preventing feathers or down from poking out. A protector will also keep dust from accumulating in the air pockets that form between the down clusters.

When it comes to care, most down feather pillows on the market are machine-washable. The manufacturer should provide detailed instructions about proper cleaning and care. Usually, such pillows should be washed in a front-loading laundry machine. Additional rinse cycles will typically be required to remove all of the detergent from the interior of the pillow.

Hopefully, the information has been sufficient to help you make up your mind. A down feather pillow is a great choice both when it comes to comfort and practical appeal. Take some time to explore such products and to understand the main differences between them. Always keep your sleep position in consideration to determine which item is the right one for you.