Why You Should Have Down Pillow Inserts

Why You Should Have Down Pillow Inserts

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Pillow inserts with down and feather are typically covered with a natural cotton down-proof cover. The higher the percentages of fill power in the down pillow insert, the smoother the feel and the more expensive they can be. Square down pillow inserts are great to use for many different categories other than just for the bed. You can get down pillow inserts in a variety of sizes, shapes and fills.

Many people will use down pillow inserts to create their own cases; some do it for hobby, business, or just creatively decorating their home. Hobbyists like to sew, knit, hand paint, and crochet decorative cases for their down pillow inserts. They insist it brings a professional and full feel to the finished result. Plus the duck feather filling feels fluffy and gives the body excellent support.

They make great additions to sofa with a little creativity in pillow cases, and they do come in every shape or size (even travel size is available). Down pillow insert squish to the touch, like all feather pillows do, so if you would like a firmer feel, buy a pillow larger than your cover. Expect the end result to be fat, and comfy making your pillow covers look great on them.

The next best thing about using down pillow insert is they are not expensive, and you can purchase them in packs. If you are a creative hobbyist, consider using these to make outdoor pillows for the patio, or gift a set to a special person. Artistic pillow cases over down comforter inserts is a lovely and inexpensive way to present a gift.

Down Pillow Inserts

Questions and answers regarding down comforter pillow inserts:

Q. How often should I wash my down pillows?

Down can be tricky to wash, but it can be done successfully. When using a washing machine, always wash two at a time. Use a soft detergent on a warm water setting. After they have finished, you can put them into the dryer. It will take longer to dry than most articles. It is recommended you put them in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to fluff the down pillow inserts as they dry. Pillow cases should be washed separately.

Q: Are the down & feathers hypo-allergenic?

Yes, they are hypo-allergenic and contain no odor. There is a required cleaning process all feathers go through using each manufacturer’s technology. The process thoroughly cleans and sterilizes all the down.  New technology is always being created to make these processes better.

Q: Can people request custom deco pillow fillers?

There are plenty of sources in this department and a variety of fill options. Usually these companies have a fast turnaround time too. Some don’t even require a minimum order.

Q: What is fill power?

Fill power refers to a numerical amount of volume per ounce occupying the down pillow insert. The higher the value, the more volume the ounce will fill. Fill is also a great index for determining lofting, quality of the down and insulation properties.

Q: What size down insert filler should I order to fit my cover?

Always order the filler at least 1” larger in length and width. For instance, is your case is 12 by 12, and then you should want filler sized at 13 by 13. This will fill the insert corner to corner.

Q: Where do you get your down and feathers?

All down and white duck feathers are from USA. The ducks are raised for the food industry and not for feathers. This is called ‘up-cycling’, using something that is a by-product from one process and taking the remains and using it is an eco-friendly, beneficial manner through another process.

There are a plethora of places to get down pillow inserts, but for the money, Amazon is going to carry the same top quality products as the mother sites, but at a lower price.

For example, 18'' x 18'' Feather/Down Pillow Form White by Pacific Coast, which is a top quality name brand can be found for less on Amazon

Puredown also carries a twin pack down pillow insert which is well made.  Puredown-18X18"-95% Feather 5% down Square Pillow Insert-Pack of 2 can be selected in different sizes and shapes as well.

So, next time you reach for that impulse buy of a decorative pillow at your local furnishing store, remember you can easily, less expensively, and creatively purchase the down pillow insert instead. Be your own artist.