Bamboo Crib Sheets
Bamboo Crib Sheets
Bamboo Crib Sheets
Bamboo Crib Sheets
Bamboo Crib Sheets

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Bamboo Crib Sheets

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Give your baby the best in style and sustainability with our 100% organic bamboo crib sheets! 


Our Bamboo Crib Sheets are made with organic fibers, providing a safe sleep environment for your little one. They're temperature regulating and antimicrobial, and the ultra-soft texture is gentle against delicate skin. Get a peaceful and worry-free sleep with our bamboo sheets!


Drift to Sleep on our Sweet Sailboats


Snuggle up with our sweet sailboat crib sheet. This sheet features a neutral gray background with soft green, blue and red sailboats to take your little one away on their next adventure in dreamland. 

Cuddle up With Our Sweet Pink Bunnies

This timeless design is both super sweet and ideal for any nursery decor. Let your little one fall into a deep sleep with their favorite furry friend. These soft pink bunnies are a sweet companion for your little one! 


Size:  28" x 52" (71cm x 132cm)

Material:  100% Natural Bamboo Muslin

Why Bamboo Sheets are Better

Sleeping like a baby has never been easier with our supremely soft, hypoallergenic, and sensitive skin-approved bamboo crib sheets. 

At the Bamboo Bed, we believe parents don’t need to sacrifice style for substance. We believe in ethical production, sustainable materials, and cute design! Once you feel how buttery soft our crib sheets are, you will want to get a set for your own bed. 

What Bamboo Sheets are Best? 

Many sheets claim to be bamboo but are actually a blend of bamboo and synthetic material, such as polyester. When you have a bamboo synthetic blend, you are not getting the true benefits bamboo has to offer. 

At The Bamboo Bed, we only use 100% organic bamboo fibers to make our bedding. Using 100% bamboo is important because bamboo offers so many unique benefits. 

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Sheets? 

Bamboo is Sustainable:

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, its fabric is produced using fewer chemicals than cotton and is eco-friendly. 

Bamboo is Naturally Hypoallergenic: 

Bamboo is the perfect choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. Bamboo bedding is ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies or dermatitis. 

Bamboo Sheets are Antibacterial and Antimicrobial: 

With its unique composition, our crib sheets stay cleaner and smell better than cotton.  It also reduces bacteria and mold from growing and causing disease. 

Our Sheets are Temperature Controlled and Offer Moisture Wicking: 

With their small bodies, infants have trouble regulating their temperature during their first few months. Our sheets help maintain a constant temperature and make it easier for your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Our Crib Sheets are Naturally Soft: 

Bamboo is the perfect combination of a buttery soft feel with a strong and durable product. Bamboo is stretched into the length of the sheet so there’s no emphasis on the thread count. This gives manufacturers the freedom to prioritize comfort. 

How Many Crib Sheets Should I Have? 

One of the biggest benefits of bamboo crib sheets is that they stay cleaner and smell better for longer than traditional crib sheets. 

On average, if you want to change your baby’s crib sheet once a week, you can get away with purchasing about three or four crib sheets. 

With so many cute designs available at The Best Bamboo Bed, you will always have a cute option to keep your baby soft and snuggly all night long. 

How Bamboo Sheets are Made: 

Our 100% organic bamboo sheets are made using an eco-friendly technique which allows for fewer chemicals during their production (when compared to cotton) and for the water used in production to be reused again and again. 

Our bamboo sheets are made with a sateen weave, which is both popular and produces a smooth, higher thread count material with a soft and rich texture. 

Where to Buy Bamboo Sheets

At The Bamboo Bed, we not only have the best 100% organic bamboo crib sheets, but we have everything you need for your bed as well. 

We offer a full line of bamboo sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, comforters (also filled with 100% bamboo), and even throw blankets!