Bamboo Throw Blanket
Bamboo Throw Blanket
Bamboo Throw Blanket
Bamboo Throw Blanket

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Bamboo Throw Blanket

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Customer Reviews

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Kurtis F.
The Perfect Blanket

Soft. High Quality and good value.

EliaMa Espinozza
So Cozy and Comfy

This is my new go-to couch blanket! I need another one for my boyfriend cause we are always fighting over it!

Warm and Soft

Came fast and nicer than expected.

Rebecca Bedwell
Perfect for any home

I am a professional stager and I love adding this blanket to my homes. Instantly makes the room look more expensive!

Tina Hillo
Best Blanket Ever

I am a total blanket snob and I LOVE this one.

Wrap yourself in luxury with our bamboo throw blanket. 


Take comfort to the next level with our beautiful bamboo throw.

This throw features a gorgeous knitted pattern that adds a layer of luxurious texture to any bed, couch, or chaise. 


 Wrap yourself in bliss with the coziest throw you will ever use. This blanket is perfect for snuggling on the couch or adding a layer of luxury to your bed.  


Our beautiful cream throw is both warm and cozy in the winter as well as breathable and cooling in the winter.

The elegant cream color goes beautifully with any decor. 


Made of 100% organic bamboo, this throw adds warmth and opulence to any room. 


Perfect for Those with Sensitive Skin

Our organic bamboo throw is not only beautiful and practical, but it is also hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

While many materials can become scratchy with time, bamboo actually becomes softer once it is washed.

Its buttery-rich feel just gets better the more you use it. 


  • 51” x 63” Cream knitted blanket
  • Our throw is made with 100% organic bamboo


Premium Material: Crafted from 100% viscose from organically-grown bamboo.


The Perfect Throw All Year Round: Our bamboo blanket is amazingly soft and cozy for winter yet cool and lightweight for summer nights. 


Gentle on Skin: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Are Bamboo Blankets Warm? 

Bamboo blankets regulate body temperature to provide optimal warmth. Bamboo fibers are great at trapping body heat to combat chilly winter nights to keep you warm. 

On the flip side, bamboo is also cool to the touch, able to keep you about three degrees cooler throughout the night.

Bamboo is also moisture-wicking, to keep you dry and clean all night long. 


Are Bamboo Blankets Breathable? 

Bamboo is lightweight and breathable, while still providing warmth and comfort. Bamboo is considered a cooling fabric because of its ability the thermoregulate but is still able to provide adequate warmth. 

Bamboo is anti-microbial, breathable, and has high moisture absorption.

What are Throw Blankets Used For? 

Of course, throw blankets are a great option to wrap yourself in warmth on a chilly winter night, but in modern decor, throw blankets are a statement piece. 

Throw blankets add a beautiful texture to any bed, couch, or chaise and are just as eye-catching as they are practical and functional. 

Which Throw Blanket is the Warmest? 

While bamboo blankets will not be able to provide the type of thermal heat of wool, bamboo is very effective at trapping body heat and keeping you warm during chilly winter nights. 

How do Bamboo Cooling Blankets Work? 

As bamboo is a lightweight and natural fiber, it is able to breathe well and release body heat instead of trapping it.

Bamboo is also naturally moisture-wicking, so it also keeps you cleaner and drier. 

Are Bamboo Blankets Soft? 

Bamboo blankets are incredibly soft and luxurious.