Best Color for a Bedroom

Best Color for a Bedroom

Color for a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis of restoration. It is the place you go to rest your tired limbs after a heavy day at work. It is the place you cry your heart out after a particularly frustrating day or a heartbreak. You kiss your better half and make them feel special from the bedroom. Don’t you think that such a place need careful selection of color to go with its many functions?

The color you will choose for your bedroom make it look serene, organized and comfortable. The color you choose will radiate soothing ambiance. The shades and hues of the color will evoke passion and love. You are well advised to avoid shouting and energetic colors…your bedroom is not an exercise room. It is the place you go to relax and unwind in.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Bedroom

Match Your Color Scheme to Your Furniture

Color for a Bedroom One

You probably already have furniture in your bedroom. You are well advised to use the color scheme of your pieces such as bedspreads, chairs, and rugs on the floor. Try the paint color that closely follows those hues. Introducing a new color scheme will just clash or make your bedroom seem a bit too busy which is not good for relaxation.

Try Complementary Colors

Use a color wheel to look for a color that complements the furniture in your bedroom. A good strategy would be the colors at the opposite ends of a color wheel. For examples of complementary colors include violet and yellow, green and red, and orange and blue. A subtle hue to go with the dominant color will go very well. You can use paint alone or mix different colors to achieve the scheme you want.

Use Monochromatic and Closely Related Colors

To keep things a little bit mellow, you are well advised to use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, however, you can differentiate them by applying different tones. The colors will have the same hues and thus appear stylish with uniformed appeal.

Choose a Style/Theme that States Who You Are

Best Color for a Bedroom

Don’t tear apart your personality by using a paint color that does not match your disposition. You can for example use the neutral colors – white and black - with a twist of apricot or cinnamon hue for your modern bedroom space or use ivory and other rich hues such as ivory in more traditional bedrooms.

Only Use Bold Colors for Accents

Never use the dominant, energetic colors in a bedroom as they can be too overwhelming. However, they are a great option for a toned down shade or as sparse splashes to accentuate other design details in your bedroom.

Add Drama to Your Wall Using Multiple Colors

Traditionally, bedrooms are painted in one boring color. To add drama to your bedroom, paint one of your bedroom walls in a different color. Note that the shade on this separate wall should be brighter than the rest to accentuate its depth.

Do Not Commit To a Color before Trying It

Best Color for a Bedroom

The common practice is to paint a corner of the wall of your bedroom, switch on the lights and see how it looks. If it looks great, then you can paint the rest of the walls. Otherwise, try another selection of paints until you stumble on the one that best works for you.

The Psychology of Color

Lighter Shades Give an Open Appearance

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to use the lighter shades which will make it appear larger and more open. If your bedroom is big, you are free to experiment with rich and bright hues which make the space look smaller and cozier. Do not compromise ambience on your quest to make your bedroom appear bigger or smaller.

Ceiling Colors

The ceiling can give you a change of mood depending on the color you have put on the walls. Low hanging ceilings should have light yellow or white color to make them feel opened up while high ceilings should feature shades that are darker to give your bedroom a feeling of coziness. A warm and enclosed space is great when you want to relax and unwind.

What is the Difference between Cool and Warm Colors?

Best Color for a Bedroom

Either of these colors would be great for you. Warm colors promote a feeling of coziness and the cool colors promote a feeling of calmness. Warm colors shades are energizing but a little bit oppressive while cool colors are relaxing and calming.

Warmth and Passion

Rich shades in burnt orange and red burgundy promote passion and warmth in your bedroom while neon shades create an overwhelming, energetic and vibrant space. Shades of orange and red are best put in a master bedroom where couples want to rekindle their intimacy.

Shades of Yellow

The golden hues of yellow make your bedroom feel warm by creating an illusion of additional light. Do not use sharp yellow as it is too dramatic for a bedroom. You will not be disappointed by trying this color.

The Airy and Cleansing Blue

Light blue hues are sort of what you see in the sky and on the seal they create a feeling of openness and free ambience. For a more sobering effect you can use the deep or medium blues as they can also be very soothing.

Best Color for a Bedroom

Serenity and Romance with Violet

Violet is the color of romance. It is not as energetic as pink or red. It lies on the cool side of the color wheel. Violet represents harmonic sensation and peaceful, lavender-like feel to it.

Nature is Your Best Teacher

You will borrow from the nature the best bedroom colors. Nature has medium to dark brown soothing effects. It lights up with light green and gives a feeling of openness using the blue in the sky and the ocean. Don’t overdo it though.

Neutral Colors Also Work

Neutral colors work with any other color. Use them as the main color scheme if you have no bright ideas of how your bedroom should look.

Always put your bed in front of the wall you have painted. It should also be the wall you see the moment you step into your bedroom. Add a decorative finish and yours will be a bedroom you will love to retire to after a hard day.