7 Crazy colored down comforters

7 Crazy colored down comforters

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If you have been apprehensive to jazz up your color scheme in the bedroom, now is the time to take the giant leap. On the market today is some pretty outrageous bedding ensembles. It used to be you would go into your local store to find the same conservative line of options. Somewhere in time this all changed.

If you remember the movie “Pleasantville” about a town without knowing what color was until a crazy artist burst the idea wide open, making the people crave more color. It has to be like this, because now design houses are coming up with anything and everything imaginable.

Colored down comforters have arrived. You can buy elegant luxurious muted colors or you can go all out in a wild palette of self-expression. You also have the option of alternative colored down comforters, for those who fear the curse of the feathers.

colored down comforters

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Chic Home Mumbai 8-Piece Reversible Comforter Set/Printed Luxury Bed in a Bag, King

Paisley is back and louder than before. This is an alternative colored down comforter with microfiber to create a soft feel. Even with the bold design this bedding set says elegance and style. If you have never liked paisley print, this may very well be the one comforter set to change your mind. Find it here.

Chic Home Mumbai

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Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set, Queen, Orange Beige

The Chezmoi Collection in home bedding always creates the very best in home furnishings. This bedding set is no exception. It uses a great color-blocking scheme to boldly and subtly infuse color throughout the comforter. This is a good choice for those who sometimes feel a little creatively challenged when it comes to decorating. Find it here.

Chezmoi Collection

Leta Collection 7-Piece down Alternative Comforter Set with Floral Design, King, Red

You will make a bold and dynamic statement with red and black flowing through your bedroom. If this is too much, it is also available in purple or gray. The fabric is a faux silk with exotic textures and a black floral flocking. If you are ready to embrace a different side to your personality, this is where you begin. Find it here now.

Leta Collection

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Hot Pink / Black Comforter Set Animal Zebra Print Flocking Bed in A Bag Twin Size Bedding

Pink and zebra print is going to take your bedroom up to the highest level in crazy cool colored down comforters. This is an alternative down comforter but still offers superior warmth. The ultimate in feminine design, this is a sassy way to make a teen’s room come alive. Find it now right here.

Hot Pink / Black Comforter Set Animal Zebra Print Flocking Bed in A Bag Twin Size Bedding

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Retreat Satin Comforter Set with Sham, Full/Queen, Multicolor

The modern version of the quilt done in silky embellishments is a savvy switch up for a colored down comforter. This ensemble creates a lovely subtle color swatch, leaving a lot of room to build a whole room decorating scheme around these patches. This is a perfect find for a kids’ room and it is reversible with a solid periwinkle color taking over. Find it here.

Retreat Satin Comforter

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FADFAY 4-Piece Bohemian Bedding Boho Bedding Set Full Queen Size

In homage to the ever popular bohemian design, this colored down comforter combines more than just the boho look. With a little bit of everything, you will capture noble, elegance, floral and some tribal all enveloped into one crazy colored down comforter. Not for the faint of heart or the beige lovers, this is unique to the personality which just cannot live without it. If you are one of those, you can grab it now right here.


FADFAY Bohemian Style Duvet Covers Bedding Set Full Size Boho Bedding 4 Pieces

Faday has seven different versions of this bohemian look, and each one seems better than the last. The blast of color delicately, pulls the look together quickly in any bedroom. This is the hottest look on the market today, so it is no wonder there are so many crazy unique styles available in colored down comforters. If this pattern or color doesn’t do it for you, head on over to the site to see the other seven options—you might feel conflicted, they are all that fabulous. Check them out now right here.