PrimaLoft Deluxe Comforter Reviews

PrimaLoft Deluxe Comforter Reviews

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In 1983 the United Stares army asked PrimaLoft’s former parent company, Albany International Corp, for a water resistant alternative to goose down so that troops could keep performing their best even when amidst the worst of weather conditions. The company delivered big time. In 1990, their revolutionary insulation technology became accessible to the public, in the form of a synthetic down alternative, a brand new product of similar weight, compressibility and warmth when dry and superior performance when wet. For over twenty five years, PrimaLoft Inc. has pioneered in the development of comfort solutions of all kinds delivering limitation defying innovations.

The PrimaLoft performance down blend is completely focused in keeping you comfortable no matter what. The company has since branched out into dozens and dozens of new product lines, maintaining their elite level quality and versatility, anywhere, anytime and in any condition.   Products made by their blend include outwear, sleeping bags, footwear, pillows, comforters and mattress toppers among others. This article will thoroughly review and present you in depth the PrimaLoft Deluxe Comforter product.

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick, fluffy blanket that is often quilted designed to keep you warm. It is filled with synthetic fibers and is available in many patterns or colors. Even though they are mostly placed on top of the sheets, they can also be put on top of another blanket to offer even more thickness and warmth. The thickness of the filling determines the weight as well as the level of insulation. Comforter sizes typically correspond with bed sizes: queen, king, full, twin etc. They are usually slightly larger than mattress sizes so that draping them over the sides of the bed is possible. They are a great choice for anyone who likes a layered look for their bedding.

Downlite: PrimaLoft Comforters - Full/Queen

PrimaLoft Comforters FullQueen

Brought to you by Downlite, this fully quilted, down proof comforter product is made of PrimaLoft blend. It is extremely cozy and fluffy allowing you to sleep soundly and completely carefree – exactly what you need after an exhausting day at work. Despite being light as a feather, it has a top quality insulation that will keep you comfortably warm no matter what all year round guaranteed. It is easily cleaned up, as it is machine washable and dryer safe. It can be used all by itself or combined with a duvet cover. This is a product that will go above and beyond all your expectations. We highly recommend you give it a try, especially given how relatively cheap it is: Its currently listed on Amazon for only $120, a meager price for all the nights of deep, warm sleep the comforter will gift you with.

Downlite: Hotel Bedding Collection Hypoallergenic PrimaLoft Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Hotel Bedding Collection Hypoallergenic PrimaLoft Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Another great product brought to you by Downlite, this comforter is widely used by some of the finest hotel and resorts. It has a distinct silky feeling and is surprisingly soft and comfortable. It can be machine washed and driver over and over with none of its properties diminished. The comforter features a very durable, 230 thread count cambric cotton fabric, and is of a weight level that is rated light to medium. It is also of hypoallergenic properties. It is very affordable, particularly suited for those on a tight budget: It is currently listed at just $75.15 on Amazon, a significantly cheaper price than most products made of PrimaLoft synthetic blend.

The Company Store: LaCrosse Medium Warmth PrimaLoft Comforter

LaCrosse Medium Warmth PrimaLoft Comforter

LaCrosse promises you will be able to enjoy their luxurious PrimaLoft comforter year after year, enjoying its warmth, hypoallergenic properties and inherent softness. It is crafted of fine, 295-thread count cotton twill, combining extreme durability and lightness of weight with eco-friendly standards. Interestingly enough, there are different versions for those preferring different levels of warmth. Depending on the comforter’s weight, light, medium and heavy, you will get a differently designed product, offering slight warmth all the way to super, extra hot warmth. It is currently on sale on Amazon, costing $129.00.

Pendleton: Luxury PrimaLoft Down Alternative Vintage Wash Grey Comforter – Diamond Pattern

Luxury-PrimaLoft Down Alternative Vintage Wash Grey Comforter Diamond Pattern

Silky feeling and vintage styled, Pendleton’s PrimaLoft Comforter is an excellent alternative to typical down comforters. It is filled up to the brink with hypoallergenic PrimaLoft, offering you significant warmth without all the allergies typically associated with down comforters and has beautiful diamonds sewn all over it. It is machine washable and dry-able, making taking care of it easy as cake. This is sized specifically for oversized king bed’s: Its dimensions are 96 X 108 X 1.5 inches. It weighs about 8.8 pounds. It is currently listed at $199.99 in Amazon.

The Company Store: LaCrosse PrimaLoft Medium Comforter Queen White

LaCrosse PrimaLoft Medium Comforter Queen White

This is the costlier product on our list, but The Company Store’s PrimaLoft Queen-sized comforter is well worth it. It is handcrafted, made of an exclusive PrimaLoft Deluxe fill that mimics all the strengths of down while keeping none of its cons: The product is thus completely allergy free and can easily be enjoyed by all those who have allergies to down. There are three warmth levels to satisfy all kinds of sleep styles, depending on the products weight: Light, medium and extra-warmth weights are available. The comforter is expertly finished with a double needle top-stitch featuring corner loops that can be attached to the corner ties of duvet covers to hold it steadily in place. The product currently has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. And it does so for a good reason. It is currently listed at $209.00 plus the cost of shipping. If you can afford it, we would strongly advise you to give it a try.


PrimaLoft products are for those who take their sleeping and comfort seriously. Investing in getting one is a sound choice and will allow you to circumvent any down allergies you might have. All the aforementioned products are of great quality and utilize the amazing PrimaLoft blend to ensure you get your money’s worth back. They say you get what you pay for. And with PrimaLoft comforters, that saying could not have been any more true.