How to Turn Your Bedroom into Your Sanctuary

How to Turn Your Bedroom into Your Sanctuary

Dreaming of a better bedroom? Check out our guide to turn your bedroom into your sanctuary! 

Imagine sinking into your soft bed as you are enveloped in comfort and serenity. You fall into a deep and dream-filled sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day. 

For most people, this is literally a dream. The reality is the busyness of our lives often leaves us feeling anxious and overstimulated at bedtime leading to less sleep. 

The Importance of Good Sleep




While many may simply accept this as inevitable, the truth is better sleep can literally change your life and getting it should be a priority in everyone’s life. 


According to the Offices of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, getting proper sleep can impact your life in many positive ways including: 

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Getting sick less often 

  • Improve your mood and reduce your stress level

  • Improve your performance at school and work by thinking more clearly

  • Improve your ability to get along with others

  • Lower your risk for serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. 

So now that we know sleep is important in maintaining your physical and mental health, the question becomes how to actually achieve it.


In order to achieve a good night’s rest it is important to consider the environment in which you sleep.


If you want to truly focus on getting the best sleep you can, it is important to completely transform your bedroom. It can no longer simply be a bedroom, it needs to become your sanctuary. 

Od course, this type of transformation comes with commitment. Not only do you have to commit time and funds, but you also have to commit to breaking the poor habits that are contributing to your lack of sleep. In the long run you will be grateful you did. 

Now that we know the importance of sleep and the commitment involved, it is time to take a closer look at how to make your bedroom your sanctuary. 

Remove the Clutter




The first step is arguably the easiest, however, it is not easy. It seems as a culture we have started to accumulate more and more stuff, which leaves us more and more anxious. 


Having clutter in the bedroom will directly contribute to a lack of rest.
The clutter reminds us of our never ending to do list.


Are there dirty dishes in the sink? Do we need to switch over the last load of laundry before morning? 

Your bedroom needs to be dedicated to nothing but rest. It is not a place for your home office. It is not a place for your exercise equipment and it certainly is not a place for knick knacks. 

The first step is to take an inventory and make sure you are absolutely brutal. Instead of the popular, does this item spark joy in my life, consider if having the item in your bedroom is helping you rest or making rest more difficult. 

Next remove any unnecessary furniture and keep the surface of all remaining furniture clear. Your beside table should have nothing more than the required lamp. 

Finally, your room is not the spot for your hamper. Make sure that you place your hamper completely out of sight and dirty clothes no longer reside on your floor.

In this spirit, your bedroom is also not a place for clean clothes that need to be put away. While this may seem like an impossible task, trust us we know, bare floors will do wonders for setting the right tone when you walk into your sacred space. 

Color it Right


Once you have cleared your space, you can take a hard look at your decor.


Are the colors chosen encouraging a calm and relaxing environment?


Or does the outdated walls remind you of all the to-dos on your list that never seem to get done? 

Painting a bedroom is a relatively inexpensive task that can be accomplished in a day. However, the impact of a calm and inviting space can be a true game changer. 

If you are in need of an update, you can take a look at some of the trending color palettes for spring 2023. The good news is neutrals in calming tones are trending so you can be modern and still enjoy a calm and cool space. 


Spanish moss is Krylon’s color of the year. Its deep green hue is perfect for those who feel their best when surrounded by nature. This is a great option to paint a piece of furniture, your walls, or even your ceiling! 

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful mix of blush pink and beige that screams sanctuary to us. This gorgeous color is right on trend as neutral colors dominate the palettes of 2023. 



If you prefer light walls Behr’s color of the year, Blank Canvas, may be the perfect option for you. Light walls are a great way to keep your space feeling bright and airy. 


Gentle Violet by Valspar is another great choice if you like white but want a subtle hint of color. This very gentle purple adds light and warmth to any room. 



Finally, for those whose happy place is the beach, we have Rising Tide by Valspar. This gentle mix of blue and green sets a beautiful scene for any room. 

Remove Distractions


If you want more restful sleep, you need to dedicate your space for sleep and sleep alone. This means that your bedroom is not also your home office, gym, or even TV room. 

Removing these distractions will allow you to focus on sleep and sleep alone. While this transition may seem extreme, the difference you will notice in your ability to relax into a deep sleep will make it all worth it. 

Invest in Good Bedding


Of course, no matter how calm and restful your bedroom is if you are sleeping on cheap sheets, your sleep is going to suffer. 


After all, investing in quality bedding is really making an investment in your physical and mental health. 

Bamboo sheets are known for being soft, but many people are not aware of the other benefits that add to a more restful sleep. 

Bamboo sheets are moisture wicking and thermal regulating. This means that hot sleepers are less likely to wake up at night and your sheets will smell better, longer. 

Bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This is great news for anyone with sensitive skin or who is prone to acne. The antibacterial properties in bamboo help to protect you and your bed from dust mites, odors, and prevents a build up of moisture. 

The Bamboo Bed offers a wide range of bamboo bedding products including bamboo sheets, duvet covers and even a 100% organic bamboo comforter. 

Make your bed better with The Bamboo Bed.